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“On this Side or the Other…”

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I try not to date myself on here. Honestly sometimes Coaching isn’t an easy job. It’s even harder when people are older than you, sometimes 10 or more years your senior. Sometimes they have even been in your field longer then you. So you can imagine age sometimes is a factor in getting people to listen to you. But sometimes I need to break my own mold.

My name is Zach filer. I am 27 years old and at 8:45 September 11th, 2001, I was 17.

I could tell you where I was when I first heard, bed, my Mom came in and told me.

I could tell you how many times I fought back tears at school hearing the reports come in class after class. People had called their wives and husbands from planes and buildings.

I could tell you I prayed for everyone that day.

But I don’t want to ramble to long, I could type this post for days and not do justice to what I want to say.

I was 17 years old, all my friends were 17. This was one of the defining moments of my generation. I attended a private “college prep” High School. Which pretty much ment if you weren’t actually going to college you were going into the service.

I had more friends for go college to enter the service because of that day then I can count. And I’m very proud of them.

I’m proud. I’m proud we had men and women that ran in when they should have run out that day. I’m proud we had men and women stand against evil. I’m proud of all my friends that decided to enlist after that day. I can never truly thank those friends  that came back for what they did. And I will never forget those that didn’t.

I was 17 on September 11th, We will Never Forget…

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