“I ain’t got Time to Bleed…”

Three 5 Minute Demolition Derbies….

Seven 10 minute battles with Gravity….

On Saturday 10 athletes representing Old Country Iron Club will have one thing on their mind, KEEP MOVING…

The Competition Team continues its season this saturday at the IKFF Northwest Kettlebell Meet. The Lab/Crossfit Eastlake will be hosting the Meet with Sports Men and Women from all over the country coming to compete. The Meet is scheduled to kick off at 7am and concluded no later than 1pm. Here is our list of competitiors and events they will be competing in.

5 Minute Max Snatch – Unlimited Hand Switch allowed


Carrie Winecoff, Margaux Chan


Skylar Pond. Adrian Strain

10 Minute Long Cycle(Clean and Jerk) – Unlimited Hand switches allowed


Nick Filer, Tim Preston, Matty Brenton

Ranked Division
WOMENs Long Cycle – One hand Switch at the 5 minute mark

16kg Bell Divsion

Jamie Papineau, Margaux Chan, Michelle Chan

20kg Bell Division

Marissa Luchau

This is the first time Ironstyle Kettlebell conditioning will be tested in a sport environment so come out and support the Club and your friends.

And if that wasn’t enough our very own Amina Saleh and pulling the weekend Ironman Matty Brenton will both be competing on sunday in the Police/Fire Crossfit Challenge put on by Kirkland Crossfit. Amina will be competing in the Crossfit division and Matty will be holding it down in the Strongman events. And a special Club shout out goes to Ellen and Deb who will also be competing in the 2 person team division.

I’m hoping to get more info about Sunday up in the comment section at some point. But you all know when the KB Meet is and I hope to see some of you there. This is the first time there has been a sport kettlebell meet in our region and people I hold in very high regard will be attending so please come show your respect and support to the sport.

Posted by: Z

5 Responses to ““I ain’t got Time to Bleed…””

  1. Alison Jones Says:

    REALLY wish I could be there! Good luck everyone!!!

  2. Man, I wish us Webers could be at The Lab to cheer on everyone on Saturday. We’ll be out of town but will still be rooting for you all! Good luck!

  3. Game Time Guys…

  4. Hrnt-red one, hrnt-red two, hrnt-red three….

  5. Z, thanks for the shoutout!! I’m working standby engine at the racetrack tomorrow and I am hoping that it gets rained out so I can go watch you KB athletes kill it at the Lab! Hoping for lots of rain rain rain…good luck hitting weight tonight.

    Info if anyone wants it for the Police/FF Comp Sunday:

    Kirkland CrossFit, 1015 7th Ave Kirkland, 98033
    (The site is not well marked from the road, white building with blue trim, there is a reader board on 7th ave that reads “Moss Bay Auto Center”, it is the lower driveway.)
    Information about the WODs is not posted anywhere online (that I have been able to find) but I have them in my email if anyone is interested.

    Proceeds from the event go to Seattle Police Guild’s “Help the Officer Fund”

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