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“I/C Competition Team IKFF Results”

Posted in Competition on September 18, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

This weekend Old Country Iron Club rolled into Crossfit Eastlake ready to bang. As listed friday we had 10 athletes competing. Here is how things turned up for us.

10 Minute Unlimited hand switch Long Cycle 24kg

In the same weight class
1st Place: Nickay Filer – 119 Reps
2nd Place: Tim “BeastMode” Preston – 118 Reps

5 Minute Max Unlimited hand switch Snatch

Women 16kg

1st Place in her weight Class: Carrie Winecoff
1st Place in her weight Class: Margaux Chan

Men 24kg

In the same Weight Class
1st Place: Adrain Strain – 125 reps
2nd Place: Skylar pond

Ranked Events

Womens Long Cycle 16kg

1st Place in her weight Class: Jamie Papineau – 85 reps

In the Same weight class
1st Place: Michelle Chan – 125 reps Achieved Rank 1
2nd Place: Margaux Chan – 120 reps Achieved Rank 1

Long Cycle 20kg
1st Place in her weight Class: Marissa Luchua – 93 reps
Achieved Candidate for Master Of Sport

It was a good day, a goooood day….

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