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“Kick the Tree…”

Posted in Articles on September 20, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

For those that follow the Iron Club Training model. Shit’s about to get Real…

On October 3rd we will begin the 8th Edition of Caliber. If you’ve thought deloading was difficult, you have no idea what’s next. We will again see a 3 week Bulgarian Style program but the traditional lifts you’ve seen associated with it will be replaced.

One Word, Complexes.

And if you think our kettlebelling has reached its apex you’re in for a reality check. I will drag you all the way to stage 5 kicking and screaming and you will thank me for it in the end. If you’re not interested in walking the path then this training Cycle isn’t for you. I’m not looking for excuses.

So if I say “Kick the Tree,” I Mean Kick The Tree.

We are in the middle of competition season and this is our best 3 week training window, and We are going to Train.

October 3rd, Walk in a Viking or a Victim.

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