“The Road Warrior…”

Sometimes it’s hard to be in two places at once. I found this out the hard way this weekend. With the Competition Teams busy schedule and my Iron 101 Schedule juggling everything gets a little hard. So when our very own young James Bevan-Lee  told me he was going to be in Yakima and would like to compete in an event this past Saturday. I had to tell him with some regret that I wouldn’t be able to make the trip.

What James said was, “Hey I’m gonna be in Yakima and I thought I’d do that WODAPALOOZA.”

What James should have said was, “Hey I’m going to drive to Yakima friday night, compete Saturday then get back in my car and drive home.”

I found out James had driven home directly after the Comp when I found him walking on the street in typical James fashion at 10pm Saturday night.

“I thought you were in Yakima?”

“I was, then I drove home and I was at the store and figured it was such a nice night I’d walk around and stretch my legs.”

James was also still in his traditional Battle Jersey for those who know him, and for those that don’t, that’s James for you.

WODAPALOOZA didn’t exactly fit in our training schedule so it wasnt listed in our last upcoming events post. But it was being hosted by our friend and Club supporter Brendan Loyer of Yakima Crossfit. And it was also raising money for a good charity so I’m very glad James was able to go out there for Iron Club.

CLICK HERE for a local News recap of the Event

Not only did James show up to support a good cause and represent the Competition Team. He showed up and REPRESENTED the Competition Team. James has just recently returned from some extensive out-of-state training with the Coast Guard. So he hasn’t really been training the way we usually train. But that didn’t stop him from throwing down Saturday. On limited training and rolling in Road Warrior style by himself James took second.












Nice job James, way to go solo without a Coach and take a seat on the podium. 

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8 Responses to ““The Road Warrior…””

  1. Way to go James! Nice work.

  2. Great job James, way to fucking represent the club.

  3. Congrats, James! I guess all that driving around with the gas mask payed off. Nice job!

  4. Great work James. Impressive.

  5. Very well done, James! Awesome job…

  6. Woot woot!

  7. Congrats, James! Awesome effort!
    Wish we could’ve all been there to cheer you on.

  8. Thank you guys for your support! Knowing that I am representing this group of people and everything we stand for is the greatest edge I carry into any competition.

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