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“You want to Get Out of here? You talk to me….”

Posted in Competition on September 27, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

And here we Go…

Old Country Iron Club’s Competition Team is at it again and this time we’re going over the Wall. This weekend three athletes will find themselves in foreign territory as we travel over the border into Canada. Why Canada? Because the inaugural Victoria Kettlebell Classic in this Saturday.

This event is a sanctioned by the World Kettlebell Club and is offering WKC’s newest event in Kettlebell sport, The Pentathlon. Whats that you ask? Well Unofficial Filer family Ogre kin, World Champion, and arguably the Best Kettlebell LIFTER in the World Ivan Denisov took the time to demo it. This video is worth watching…

Five six minute sets huh? Game, next stop Canada.

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