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“Pay no Attention to that “MAN” behind the Curtain…”

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“Often Imitated, Never duplicated…”

Am I starting this post out with a shout out to WestSide Barbell? No, but I am using their slogan. I will also agree with Louie’s statement “I started this gangster shit and this is the motherfucken thanks I get.”

What I’m referencing doesn’t have to do with an Ogre tribe based out of Ohio at all. The what and who I’m giving a shout out to isn’t even an Ogre. The thing I’m referencing is what I jokingly call “RooTube” and the who is Roo. If you’re not familiar with the name she’s a regular here at Old Country. Not only is she a regular here but she is one of a select few that are qualified to Coach all aspect of the Old Country I/C Methods. Along with Roo’s Coaching duties she is also the Clubs Video Ace. And that’s where what I nicknamed “RooTube” comes in.

Marissa or Roo as we all call her is the force behind all of the Old Country Iron videos you see. She films pretty much all of our footage. But more importantly she goes through it all, edits it and then turns out our videos. One of Roo’s original works was her video for our “Strong Is Beautiful Week”. Now she’ll tell you it’s pretty “raw” compared to the stuff she’s currently doing. But that’s not what more than 19,000 people thought on the internet. Because when Roo happen to check the video the other day that’s how many views she realized she had on the it.

Roo takes her filming and editing pretty seriously. And we are lucky to have her. And with another Cycle getting ready to set off on Monday everyone who follows the Old Country Training Log is lucky. Roo approached me awhile back about trying to put a Old Country Video Library together for all of our less known movements and complexes. So starting next week when we tell you to do a stalled snatch followed by a half turkish getup. Or maybe a Kneeling Rack Hold or any of the other crazy shit I throw at you, you can thank Roo for some visual aid.

The 8th Edition training Cycle starts this monday. And with some new gyms and States involved this go around Iron Club continues to grow.

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