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Victoria KettleBell Classic Results

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A picture is worth a thousand words….

WKC Pentathlon Results

1st – Zach Filer
2nd – Nickay Filer
3rd – Adrian Strain

That’s right folks we had an Old Country Iron Club sweep this weekend. Where to start with highlights? Well first off I’ll give my Big Brother Nickay his due respect. Nick is a presser, he presses heavy shit, thats what he does. He’s even considering a trip to national to compete in the IKFF chair Press event. But thats not what stuck out this weekend, it was Nicks jerk. That’s right Nickays technical display(believe it or not) was something I was personally proud of.

Next thing that pops to mind is Adrian. Who was cruising along to locking up his 3rd place finish and maybe looking to make it interesting in 2nd place, when he hit a snag. That “Snag” came on rep 50 of his half snatch when he unexpectedly dropped the bell… Huh?

Well the kettlebell AD was snatching decided to separate him from a VERY large chunk of his palm. When he came off the platform he showed me and it was as ugly a snatch rip as I’ve seen in a while. But what did he do? He Cowboyed Up taped it and answered the bell for his last set, Game. His finally gritty sprint in his push press would lock up a solid 3rd place finish for him.

And now a highlight on a personal note. I competed. This was a very big event for me. Not because of what it was or a goal I had. But because for a number of reasons including a laundry list of injuries this was my first return to individual competition in almost two years.

Let me tell you it felt great. I grew up doing individual sport it’s what I know best. And while I love competing with a Team like I have the last couple years. I didn’t realize how much I truly missed having to dig deep in yourself because it’s just you out there. I was very happy with my training leading up to the event. And I’m excited to get back at it this week with the 8th Edition of CC. The Competition Team has participated in 5 different event in the past month. And in every event my team made me proud. I was proud to in turn go out and represent you guys this weekend. Training for November starts this week, glad we ended our last Competition with a Bang…

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