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“Take it to him! No pain, no pain, no pain!”

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I’ve posted about my Old Man before. I consider him to be from a pretty golden Era.

The “Take No Shit” generation.

The “I Know Where We Can Settle This” generation.

The generation raised by guys who wedged their cigarettes in the corner of their mouths and ordered triple manhattans straight up.

My Old Man did a pretty good job putting hard nosed values in his boys. I heard, “Shake it off, be a man,” and “Is it close to your heart?” more times then I can remember growing up. And it was a good thing, it taught me respect for how things used to be.

What exactly am I talking about and how did we get on this subject today?

Well someone who trains with the Club, we’ll call him “Ned,” managed to bust up his finger tip pretty good. He sent me a picture of himself getting all fixed up at the ER and a little “Ned” humor along with it.

“Got a sweet xray for the gym.”

“Ned” is quite the character. I actually make a habit of busting “Ned’s” balls more often then not. Honestly, I never like seeing anybody in Iron Club get a injury, especially hand injuries. That shits the worst, you need your mitts to train (and do other things not as important as training). So I made him promise he’d come see me Friday and we’d get a program set up for him to work around his less then useful finger.


When I saw the picture pop up again on Facebook my inner antagonist jumped into action. I went to make a comment my Old Man used to drop on me and stopped. This little nugget of Filer wisdom definitely belonged on Old Country not Facebook. And in fact it probably belonged in a little series Nickay and I have been putting together. If you know me than you have probably heard me drop the line, “When Men, Were Men.”

Club Field Medic Skylar Pond just recently dropped that line in a post on his blog about Raising Your Testosterone that’s definitely worth a read.

Maybe I’m getting off topic. What does a smashed finger, testosterone, and dropping Filer family knowledge on people have in common? Well that should answer itself but if it doesn’t I’ll let you know what I was gonna tell “Ned.” It’s the same thing my Old man told me when he drilled me in the finger with a pitch maybe a “Little” too fast for a 7 year old to hit. What’d he say?

“Ronnie Lott would Cut that off…”

What? You don’t know who Ronnie Lott is?  Well then, Nickay is about to drop some knowledge on you about a guy who belonged in a time classified as “When Men, Were Men….”

Thanks Z. Ronald “Ronnie” Lott is a former professional football player. His accomplishments include national championship while at USC, being a first round draft pick, 10 Pro Bowls, 8 1st team All-Pro Selections, 4 Super Bowls, membership in the USC, College, and Professional Football Halls of Fame, and selection as the 11th greatest player in NFL history. He’s kinda of a big deal. How did he do this? He always strive to give the crowd a “Woo-lick”. A woo lick?


Woo lick. He hit people so hard it rattled their ancestors. He took a toll because of this, numerous concussions, broken leg and collarbone, two knee surgeries, these facts alone would make him a strong candidate for this discussion. But than came the finger story. In the last game of the 1985 season on a routine tackle, Ronnie putting it nicely fractured his finger, more bluntly  had the tip of his finger explode. He taped up his hand for the 49ers playoff game the next week but was a non factor in a loss. The pain refused to go away and during the off season he was told by the doctors that he would need a complicated surgery consisting of bone and skin grafts to fix his finger, he would probably miss part of the next season. Ronnie chose a less complicated solution, he opted to have the tip of his pinkie cut off right about at the first joint. How many people do you know that would cut a part of their finger off just so they would miss a few days at work that they would be getting paid for anyway? Thought so. Ronnie is self-conscious of his hand, finding a picture is hard but Ronnie did appear in this awesome Nike commercial at the :52 mark where he shows it.


Ronnie Lott is a different breed, a product of a time “When Men, Were Men”, a group that we will take a more in-depth look into over the next few weeks.

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