“Where I’m from it’s Called Swagger…”

“Symbols are given power by people. A symbol, in and of itself is powerless, but with enough people behind it…”

With all changes we’ve seen in the Club the last couple months it’s about time we addressed something important. Who’s ready for some new Gear?

You may have seen this Icon pop up on your screens lately. Old Country is all about paying respect. And our new banner  is our tribute to the Orignal American Outlaws. Those that came before us that stood for what they believed in and said, “My enviroment will be a product of me…”

I/C shirts are now available in our Old Country Iron Club Store along with Old Country Strong Sweatshirts just in time for the return of the RainShadow. Get em while they last and wear your Colors with pride.

Posted by: Z

2 Responses to ““Where I’m from it’s Called Swagger…””

  1. paulisdrunk Says:

    Is the size Z has on available?! I want mine to be air brushed on me every morning too

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