“There is no tomorrow, Rock! There is NO Tomorrow…”

Here we stand already half way into the 8th Edition of the Cycle. It may be only 3 weeks, but you’ll earn your stripes in that time. We currently have this Edition running in Canada, Oregon, Virginia, Kuwait and who knows where else. Don’t think you guys are suffering alone, here is Roo’s recap of week one…

Video by: Roo
Posted by: Z

5 Responses to ““There is no tomorrow, Rock! There is NO Tomorrow…””

  1. Dang Magic Man! That snap release clean is spooky.

  2. Great video!

  3. Another great video, Roo!

  4. Loving the cc. My rest day Thursday started around 9 with, you’re in west seattle? We’re in the OR now with a patient on the table, and the other surgeon needs ur help. Ended up no big deal. After that, it was an continuous stream of high end mental and physical strain till about 1am last night, some of the worst ever. Slept for 3-4 hours, then the 9 people you’ve taken care of need to get tucked in before you;re off. The effing paperwork must be done. Get it finished. P ressure’s off. The whole morning, feeling like you’ve got the flu, chilly, jittery, just want to crawl under a rock. Literally had the head bobs while driving on the WSB. every muscle just tight and crampy…miserable.

    Then I started to think of what we’re training for. We’re training for life, and the hard stuff almost never happens when you’re ready for it. I thought of some soldier 6 months into some shithole foreward operating base in afghanistan under heavy fire. He doesn’t get to not perform cause he’s tired, or sick, or whatever. He has to perform in spite of all that. As hard as it is, come in and train.

    I knew from long experience that the WOD would fix me, but still in the warmup told michelle chan, “this is a mistake, I’m too wrecked”. She knew. It’s the beauty of the Gym. Just do your best, for today.

    Numbers are a great guide, but spirit, effort and focus are the guiding principles that are driving this effotrt.

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