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“We are Game…”

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In fighting dogs gameness is valued as it gives the dog the ability to always stay on the attack. I toss out the term all the time. Some people might confuse when I simple state Game as some kinda silly “game time” reference. No when I state Game, I’m referring to the Stand Fast never say Die Attitude that many GameBreed dogs have.

I look for that attitude in my athletes. It’s almost impossible to teach Game. You either have it or you don’t. Most people have it laying dormant inside them though and just need it nurtured. I know this cause it’s my job. I’ve been able to bring Game out of more middle aged house wives then X-college athletes then I can count.


Because people genetics can carry them far. To scholarships, money, fame. But you can see it in top athletes all the time. When their skills become compromised they fold. Then you see those that have Game. They don’t fold, they’ll break their back for the team or their Coach because thats everything they have to offer. They may not have the genetics, natural strength, speed or endurance of some people. But they’ll chew on the inside of their own cheek to grit through pain in training, why? Because they’re Game, and in my life I’ve found those that are Game are the ones you break your back for because they’ve broken theirs already for you.

This whole article came from the video below. I’m a fan of Rob’s and the video is worth watching.

What exactly about this video sparks this article you might ask? It’s Orlando’s Gameness and the fact that he shares a very similar problem to myself and a number of athletes I train. I’m referring to Orlando’s “mental block.” Yeah Rob doesn’t pull the lift. But did he quit trying. Fuck No. Did he try pulling again. Fuck Yes. Did he know going into that training session that he might not hit the lift, yeah probably.

But did it stop him. No it didn’t. He could have easily told the crew that he didn’t want to do the demo. How many of you have that same problem? You can pull some HEAVY volume but find that “mental block” on those big pulls. Is it a bad thing? No, I think it keeps you hungry. I think it’s part of being Game. If shit was easy for you it wouldnt matter. I know personal my deadlift pisses me right the fuck off. I can pull 405×10 but still only pull 475. I feel like I should have been at 500 a year ago. Do I give up? No. Do I hate lifting and think it stupid cause it’s hard? No. I do this shit cause it’s challenging and allows me to challenge myself.

I say it all the time. We lift Bars, Bells and our own Bodies to bring that challenge to ourselves. And maybe on a given day you don’t exceed the challenge that you or your Coach laid at your feet. But by god your gonna fucking try. It’s why we train.

We are Old Country and we are Game…

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