“We march through with our Colors on…”

Coming off the Heels of our updated Logo the Old Country War Wagon keeps right on rollin.

Old Country I/C is very happy to announce that the Club is now a affiliate of Gameness FightWear. With the affiliation we are finally getting around to offering something we’ve been meaning to for awhile now, Fight Shorts and Tights.

I actually wore a pair of the Gameness Tights in my last Kettlebell Competition and was VERY happy with them. We currently have a concept up for what the OC Gameness Shorts and Tights would look like in the Iron Club Store.

You can CLICK HERE to check out the models along with our available pre-orders selection of hoodies, Iron Club Shirts, and our newly released Club Patches. We are hoping to have Shorts and Tights available shortly along with hats and some Special Edition Ladies Tights.

I’m not saying this is guaranteed to increase your lifts. But with that said this video was taken of Iron Club member Ryan Andrews while he was rockin his new gear…

If you wanna Run the Yard you better look the part.

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