“You fumble the Football, and I will break my Foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work…”

Intensity is a aspect of ones character I personally hold in high regard.

It doesn’t have to be spittin, yellin, cussin intensity… Well at least not all the time. Any of you that know me, I guess we can be honest and say that’s my kind of intensity. It doesn’t mean chairs go flying through the air at the drop of the hat but I take my job as a Coach very seriously. And the way I try toprepare my athletes for whatever it is they have coming is with intensity.

I’m not the easiest Coach to please. My athletes know that. But it isn’t medals, or championships, or even prizes that make me happy. It’s effort. Are you truly Game. Are you the guy or girl who will grit and grind your teeth until every thing you have is completely taxed? Because that’s perfect to me. Leaving it all on the Line, maybe you win maybe you lose, but you gave it your all. Everything you had, and if it was good enough or not on that day it doesnt matter you were still perfect.

This past weekend I had the honor of Coaching the I/C’s Competition Team up in Canada. I actually even got to compete myself. This is something I try not to do when I have as many people competing as we did. But the Crossfit Taranis Winter Challenge only comes around once a year, and it is one of the premier events in the NorthWest.

The Iron Club had two Teams enter through preseeding into the 20 Team competition that Taranis was putting on. And the Club had two compete in the individual that really laid it on the line over the 3 day event.

All in all our two boys went toe to toe in 6 workouts with some of the best Canada, Washington and Oregon had to offer. And our Teams slugged it out tooth and nail. The Team Competition was formatted so a Team could do up to 7 workouts in the three-day span. The last three were on sunday in a head to head elimination bracket.

Todays post isn’t about me recapping this event. It’s about those that were there with me making me proud to be their Coach recapping it. To any of you that went up representing the Red and Black for Old Country this weekend please list your event highlight to comments.

Personally mines pretty easy. The picture below is my Team. We jokingly called ourselves “Red, White, and Blue Bellz” and said that we represented The Cascadian Kettlebell Federation. But there was no joking on the floor. My Team went with the Goal of bringing the Winter Challenge Title home and we did.

Crossfit Taranis 2011 Winter Challenge Team Champions, we are Old Country and we are Game…

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8 Responses to ““You fumble the Football, and I will break my Foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work…””

  1. Animals.

  2. Couple other highlights that came to mind from over the weekend.

    I’m not sure how many strict handstand pushups Carrie did in her Max set in WOD 1 but they were pretty sick to watch.

    Roo’s unbroken Snatches in the semis and her round two rally in the hoist workout to beat the other teams men were both Game to say the least.

    And who could forget Blakes 100 Doubleunders or Skylar defending the Clubs honor in a drinking competition after sundays finals. The USA chant with the pint ontop of his head was classic.

  3. 1. Carrie rocking out all 10 clean and strict presses with 2 35# KB in a row… after i really struggled with mine allowing the other team to get a bit closer to us…

    2. Hearing them announce “partner squat” in the final workout and realizing that drunken feats of strength pay off 😉 (but i did learn i squat carrie better drunk than sober)

    3. Watching James step up to the plate, laying it all out on the floor because he knew he had to on his 20 rep Front squat, he could have easily done much lighter but he knew that if he wanted to be in the top he had to try… shows a lot more heart than a lot of those guys out there… proud of you james

    4. My team smashing strict HSPUs… haha and then me getting 2… yup 2 but hey i was stoked

    5. Beef Duo

    6. Hearing the semi final workout went as such… both male teammates would complete 4 Rounds of: 5 sumo-deadlift high pulls, 5 clean and jerks, 5 snatches @ 135, one man working at a time but splitting the reps however seen fit, then as soon as they were done the 2 female teammates would do the same 4 rds: 5 sdhp, 5 c&j’s, 5 snatches @85#
    I knew we could crush this one… we had sky do 5 sdhp, 3 c&j’s, then Z finish with 2 c&j’s and 5 snatches to complete the round… then carrie and i set it up so she did 5 sdhp, 2 c&j’s, then i finished the rest… we smashed it…..i’ll try to get the video up soon

    7. Ryan demolishing the barbell complex in the final wod

    8. Having people tell me that they were going to call “bullshit” on our team Isabelle score until they saw the way we moved the weight in our very first workout…. which was we had 12 minutes… the team would start with each member attempting a max set of strict hspu’s then would use the majority of the remaining time to do max power snatchs 145/95 (one person on a team working at a time) and then finish the 12 minutes out with another max set of strict hspu’s…. this was definitely a fun one

    9. blake’s scarf… i mean joey’s scarf…

    10. the spirit of everyone… we all rallied around each other and helped drive everyone… it was awesome to be a part of such a great group 🙂

  4. This was Nita’s competition debut on foreign soil… she took on a huge responsibility for the Cascadian Bureau of Fortitude and we couldn’t be more thankful that she toughed it out with us.

    Highlight Reel:

    Ryan ordering milk at dinner at Montana’s.

    Seeing Joey’s Viking ass track down our surly Canadian opponents on the 20# 800m

    Sky’s face before the barbell complex. It was like he was gonna light that shit on fire with his skull and the souls of pigmy chieftains. And the tassels… well… speak for themselves. That’s the only thing that made me not miss the jhorts.


  5. The Tri Tip.

    Carrie’s arm throwing.

    Suicide Solution.

    Worm Burpees.

    It was an honor to represent The Club this weekend.

  6. “Those things that hurt instruct” Benjamin Franklin This kept going through my head all weekend. This weekend was something I have to go through If Im going to get better and make progress as an athlete. It did not go the way I wanted it to, but it probably went the way that will benefit me the most in my progression. I really took in a lot this weekend. I realized how much work and preparation needs to be done to get to where I want to be, but that it is obtainable. Despite my disappointment and anger with myself, my Old Country family did not let me hang my head and as a result I still had an amazing fucking time and just a few highlights (I could go on forever w highlights):

    1. Wearing Z’s hat (I have a new goal that will be mine someday)
    2. Watching Roo with her teams back against the wall decide in the middle of a workout that they were not going to lose and pull the KB to victory. Great composure and resilience.
    3. Beef duo
    4. Tri tip
    5. Z clean to snatch grip in the fucking air.
    6. Watching Nita make a major coaching adjustment from Z midway through the snatch workout and start hitting snatches.
    7. Beating Blake in hunting Wild Bison.
    8. Blake and that fucking scarf.
    9. Ryan representing with that barbell complex.
    10. Joey and the whale.
    11. Shower tumble and Ryan coming to my rescue.
    12. Roo’s pancakes were a little piece of heaven.
    13. The best highlight was just the pride I felt rolling with the Club. Every single member REPRESENTED this weekend and it was the greatest honor to be a part of.

  7. Caragh Camera Says:

    I have some super sick footage of your team from the Taranis weekend. Let me know if youd llke to see it. I’ll be posting a Taranis Highlights reel also, which features a lot of you. Shall I send it along when I’m done in a day or so? If so , shoot me an email. Your team rocked it.

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