“I’m here to Fight, Promise me you’re Not gonna stop this Fight…”

Well this weekends a Big One.

The Competition Team is Traveling again. This time we are loading up on plane and heading out to Detroit. Why Detroit? Because it is the host city of the IKFF KettleBell Sport National Championships. This will be the Teams 3rd appearance in actually KettleBell Competition.

Iron Club Training isn’t really about being the best at any one thing. But we do have aspects to our program that are Geared towards Sport. The mental toughness one finds in KettleBelling is hard to match. If you ever want to challenge an athletes Gameness stick them under the weight of a KettleBell without the option of setting it down and see what happens.

While it’s not mainstream KettleBell Sport is old and full of tradition with its own following Worldwide. Some may view the sport as boring to watch(I’m sure waterboarding is boring to watch too). Coming from a wrestling background I’m use to hearing this. Anyone who does a sport like this knows what I’m talking about, but you do it anyways. You do it for the challenge, you do it to prove to yourself that you won’t give up.

5 more Days til the Big Show.

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8 Responses to ““I’m here to Fight, Promise me you’re Not gonna stop this Fight…””

  1. Good luck you guys!!!

  2. Zach: Snatch w/ 70# (10 min 1 hand switch)
    Amina: chair press, long cycle 35# bell
    Lexii: long cycle 18#
    Michelle: long cycle 44#
    Margaux: long cycle 44#
    Jamie: 44#
    Rob: Biatholon
    Me: Long cycle 44#

  3. Rip it up in the motor city!!!
    Your passion is showing.
    You’re bringing this discipline to this land.
    We need some good ol’ russian tuffness right about now
    thanks for bringing it.


  4. Thanks to EVERYONE for posting. We really do appreciate all the support the Team gets. Most people look at me funny when we tell them the places we travel to and why we are traveling.

    “What exactly are you competing in again?”

    We do it cause we love the game and the challenge, thanks again for supporting us. It means a lot.

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