“Think light”

As Z mentioned on Monday, several members of the OCI/C competition team are heading to Detroit for some kettlebelling. While this sounds like a good time there is a down side for most of the competitors. You see the competition has weight classes which means one thing for our atheletes…weight cutting. Ah weight cutting, something wrestlers, BJJers, and mixed martial artists know all too well. The subtle art of losing weight temporary to make a weight class and than gain that weight back all the while without running your body ragged in order run shit. A few…well I think actually every OCI/C member is cutting this week so I thought I make a quick weight cutting checklist for them.


1. Clothes, lots of clothes. The easiest way to lose water weight is to sweat it off. And while sweating like a pig before a luau naturally only applies to some of us, the rest of you will need layers. So put on your running socks, than put on your tube socks, and than cover those with your wool socks. What about clothes that wick? Bullshit, I don’t need clothes to avoid overheating, I need clothes up my body temp. I once saw a friend have on two cotton t shirts, a long sleeve shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt over his dad’s WETSUIT!!! True story. Your 15 articles of clothing will help turn your body from a friendly day at the beach to the bayou in no time and get rid of that pesky H20.

2. Sauna. Here in the Northwest the weather is never muggy/hot enough for most of the year to help you out with your sweat. So while you can turn up the heat in the gym or your room to mimic a sauna, why not just go to a sauna. Its miserably hot in that little box of a room but you can always leave if it gets too bad and walk back into glorious room temperature in seconds. Also the all wood interior is rather soothy I feel. Some people support steam rooms, not me. Cutting weight is miserable enough in a mimiced desert such as a sauna, why subject yourself to the equivalent of the Vietnamese prison camp hot box Rambo was kept in.

3. Jolly Ranchers. Wait a minute, what is candy doing on this list? Well some people like lose excess water by spitting (easy to do while behind the CPU at the gym or in your Bellevue law office). You can only spit so much before well you run out of spit. That’s were the Jolly Ranchers come in. Pop that bad boy in your mouth, suck on it hard, and than spit out the juice. Wait for it, wait for it, now…

4. Friends. No one likes to weight cut alone because A. It can be dangerous and more importantly B. They will not let you bitch out. You want to stop running? Your friend doesn’t let you. You want to rip that sweatsuit off? Your friend stops you. You’re lying on the ground not wanting to go back in the sauna? They drag you back in. You try to get out? They don’t let you. Below is a good example of friends “helping” you not bitch out.

After you make your weight and throw out the obligatory muscle pose, replenish with water, electrolytes (gatorade/pedialyte), and food (orange slices both traditional and candy version acceptable). Getting this part right is almost as important. So in closing remember, good weight cut…

Bad weight cut

Posted by Nickay

6 Responses to ““Think light””

  1. Friends don”t let Friends Bitch Out…. Can I get that on a shirt?

  2. What happens if you have no friends?

  3. first of all, I click on the video and see it is over 10 min long. I don’t have time for this….. and then it sucked me in.

    20 pounds in 24 hours = insane

    Those are some great friends that drag you by the feet to help you get to your goals. wow!

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