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“Come back with your Shield, or on it…”

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Anyone familiar with Old Country and our Training Log may have noticed my absences in our Log forum as off late. To put it simply since our last Training Cycle I’ve been off the Reservation. No I haven’t gone Rogue. But in the last four weeks since we wrapped up the 8th Edition Cycle the Clubs been VERY busy. We’ve been putting in miles and putting in work. Two high end competition in the last four weeks. This has left me, as you can imagine “Busy,” to say the least.

As I’ve said before I’m a Coach first and a Athlete second. But to add to all the craziness, planning and Coaching as of late I decide to make life a bit more complicated and compete myself. Two weeks ago the Competition Team had a big win up in Canada at the Crossfit Taranis Winter Challenge Team Tournament. I’m proud to say I was a part of that Team. We went up, trusted in our training, and performed at the level we all knew we were capable of competing and added a large notch onto our belts. The 3 day event left us with tired bodies hungry for calories. We ate and competed, ate and competed, ate and competed, etc, etc, etc….

The Club returned home from Canada with our shields held high and a scale waiting for some of us. The battle before the battle. Me and Roo, who was also a member of that winning Team that went to Canada, had committed along with 6 others to travel to Detroit, Michigan and compete in the IKFF National KettleBell Championship. And there would be weight classes. We talked about this in some detail last week. I wont bore you with details but we stepped on that scale heavy after our return. We both realized the next 2 weeks would be dedicated to making weight. The battle before the battle.

We weren’t alone in this. My other girls looking to achieve rank were in the same boat. Jamie, Margaux, and Michelle all stepped up without complaining and did the same thing. In all honesty I didn’t need to drop a weight class, I was confident in my training and the event I was competing in. But I’m a Coach first and a athlete second. Roo was going for her Master of Sport, which is a big deal, and needed to make her weight class. This was my first athlete to be seeking this rank and it was only her second kettlebell meet. You combine that with this being her first weight cut and she needed a partner to drop the weight with. I’ve competed in a number of sports involving weight classes as have my brothers. My oldest brother drops regularly to compete at a high level of BJJ. This competition was not Roo’s first Rodeo but the added pressure of a weight cut does not help. So I “volunteered” to drop with Roo.

It was not a pleasant cut for either of us or any of my girls for that fact.

But we all stepped on the scales last friday and made weight. We rehydrated, ate and then went to bed knowing the next day would be the day to test ourselves on the platform.

Kettlebelling is not pleasant. You have to have a steel constitution and be as game as a RedNose to see success in this sport. We are not “traditional” kettlebellers by any means. Our training is as foreign to those that we shared this weekends competition with as their sport is to those that do not compete in it. I am proud of our program. I believe in our Methods. I’m known for my Fuck It Attitude. I don’t care what people think about how we train. The Iron Club trains how it trains.

“We’re stronger than them so who cares what they have to say…” Sound Familiar?

Iron Club marches to it’s own beat and I could care less what those outside our family think. Usually…

This was a Big Meet for me. Last spring I traveled half way round the world to Russia. I made the trip to become a Kettlebell Sport Coach. I attended a training camp with the Best Kettlebell Coaches in the world. The man I call COACH was also in attendance at this camp. My entire outlook on kettlebell training changed on that trip. My program, my Club, everything changed from that trip. The company I kept at this camp was a “who’s who” list of kettlebell legends. And I was the scruffy kid from the Pacific NorthWest that was too muscular for his own good, so I stuck out like a sore thumb. The friends I made on that trip will last a lifetime. But lets bring this back to the topic on this National Meet. The largest Meet ever held in North America, this Meet was special. Almost everyone of those friends, Kettlebell Legends, World Champions and Coaches would be in attendance, and most competing.

No I’m not saying I had a chip on my shoulder. It’s actually the opposite. I wanted to walk into that Meet with my Team with my head high and chest full of pride. I was not the same scruffy kid that walked off that plane in Russia. I wanted my Coach and his Coaches to see what Iron Club was. What we stood for and that we were Game. I’m very proud to announce that the Club did just that.

Our Competition Teams IKFF National Results

Womens 72kg Division
16kg Chair Press

Amina Saleh – 1st Place

Womens 72kg Division
16kg Long Cycle

Amina Saleh – 1st Place

Professional Bell Weight Divisions

Womens 72kg Division
20kg Long Cycle

Michelle Chan – 2nd Place

Womens 65kg Division
20kg Long Cycle

Margaux Chan – 1st Place
Achieved Rank of Candidate of Master of Sport

Mens 80kg Division
32kg Snatch

Zach Filer – 1st Place
Achieved Rank of Candidate of Master of Sport

Womens 59kg Division
20kg Long Cycle

Jaime Papineau – 2nd Place
Achieved Rank of Candidate of Master of Sport

Marissa “Roo” Luchau – 1st Place
Achieved Rank of Master of Sport

Roo captured the highest rank possible with a 20kg bell. This was only her second meet and she hit her rep count of 106 cycles with time to spare. As my brother put it, She’s kind of a big deal. She is the Club’s first Master of Sport and she wore her colors with pride on that platform Saturday. Game is an understatement, no one could take that 10 minutes away from Roo. For those 10 minutes everything stopped and she was in complete control of her world, it was an honor to Coach and watch.

I’m very proud of every one of my athletes that represented the Red, Black and Grey this weekend. Valkyries doesn’t do the women of the Competition Team justice this weekend, they were all amazing.

But they were not alone. The Competition team was joined by a father-daughter duo this weekend. Lexii Martin is my first true teenage project. And I’ve never met a more dedicated athlete. Lexii would come train after soccer games and cheerleading practice. Yes, cheerleading practice. She never complained and followed the system. I don’t know many 15 year olds that will repeatedly subject themselves to 10 minute rice bucket sessions. So, when Lexii wanted to travel to Detroit to compete I gave my blessing. And once her dad Rob signed her up he decided to toss his name in the hat as well and compete in the masters. Lexii took first place in her age division. She need 126 reps to get her rank one with the 8kg bells and never slowed in 10 minutes on her way to solidly passing that number. I was proud of her composure in a very miserable sport at a very young age. Looks like you going up to the 12kg bell next meet Lex.

The Meet was a huge success, our program and training leading up to the Meet was a Huge Success. Being able to show my Coach and his Coaches that I took what they taught me and reapplied it to my people with Iron Club principles was a very proud moment in my Coaching career. But, I still don’t do it for the recognition. I don’t need medals or titles or people talking about what we do. All I need is one athlete to give it there all. I would travel to Detroit again in a heart beat for just one athlete. I was lucky enough to have 7 athletes leave it all on the platform Saturday. Inspiring is to say the least. My job and the long hours that come with it are worth it to me because I get to witness these athletes pour their hearts out. It makes me proud to be the Coach for this Club.

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