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“You will be… You will be…”

Posted in Articles on November 22, 2011 by oldcountrystrong

Many society and cultures have tracked the calendar year throughout time. Some did it by seasons or animal migrations. It has evolved through time into regimented days, weeks and months that sum up what we consider our year.

Now your days are broken into hours, minutes and seconds. You wake at a given time, you eat your lunch when a clock tells you and go to bed by that clock as well.

It wouldn’t be a new thing to for me to say something anti establishment but Fuck the given calendar year. I don’t plan for months or care about Fall, Spring, Winter or even Summer. My life for the last year and a half has been broken into Cycles. Training phases. When people ask if I remember something my answer will be, “oh yeah that was three Cycles ago.”

Well it’s that time again. It’s time to dig in and do what we do best. It’s time to train and train with a purpose. We have very few competitions left before the Open. And while we still have drinking horns filled and shields high with the performance of the team at nationals it is time to realize that our training is never truly complete.

Caliber Cycle in its 9th Edition will begin December 5th. We will again see a 3 week Cycle. I will again ask more of your bodies then they may be able to handle.

Maybe you think you know how to train. Maybe you think you know how to Cycle. If you believe this then you need a reality check.

I will demand more of  you this Cycle then I ever had. I will be holding an Iron Club Methods Meeting at the gym saturday the 26th at 11am. If you want to succeed this next Cycle I’d suggest you’d attend it.

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