“I’m so Bad I make Medicine Sick…”

I gave you the Clubs highlights from the IKFF National when I returned from Detroit. I gave you some personal highlights from that same event. But there was a great moment I saved up to get its own post. One that was truly an honor to be witness to.

All my athletes know one of our Golden Rules in the program, I’m Coach. You listen to your Coach and believe they’ll lead you down the right path. Coaches span a huge number of areas of life, it’s not always as simple as athletics. I’m lucky enough to have someone I refer to as Coach. He doesn’t write program for me or watch videos of my technique but he has been a large part of how I’ve shaped my professional career.

Everybody is lucky to have somebody they call Coach. The man I refer to as Coach is Jeff Martone.

Coach Jeff is the reason I traveled to Russia. He is as it was put at Nationals, “a legend in our industry.” He is professional and very humbled. Coach would never talk himself up, so I’ll say it for him, Coach Jeff is a bad ass.

At the IKFF National Championships I had the honor of watching Coach step out on the platform and break the North American Record in the 24kg Long Cycle. He clean and jerked two bells for 10 minutes without setting them down for a total of 104 reps. Game

If you don’t know who Coach is he’s the one to the left murdered out and rockin his Red and White lifts. The video doesn’t get his whole set but trust me when I say I cheered my ass off the last two minutes.

Congrats Coach, you earned it.

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