“The Difference between Me and You… I Make this Look Good”

The Red, Black and Grey…
You can spot the Club at any event by the surly mob of spectators there to cheer on their friends dressed in those colors.

It’s just how we Roll.

And as promised the I/C is finally releasing it’s long expected fight shorts to add to that collection of Black gear all Club members and Supporters roll deep wearing. As soon as the Club became a Gameness Fight Gear Affiliate we started putting in work.

The end result is a Gameness fight short inspired design Branded with the Clubs Crest and a Bell bearing the Bridge to the place we call home.

Shorts are availble for order in the Iron Club Store.
We are getting set to place our first bulk order so if you want in on this shipment get your order ASAP.








I/C Original Bad Boy Tim “BeastMode” Preston took a pair for a test drive this week when he took on a Club favorite Mastodon.

In case you can’t tell thats a 405 Deadlift and a 70 pound Bell. Viking or Victim…

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