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“Healing through Strength…”

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There were a lot of reasons why Old Country Strong was created.

I could sit back and sift through Old Country’s history today but that’s not the point. It’s simple. It started with the Club. From the Club it grew. We took on our own identity, style and swagger. We pride ourselves in being different. We pride ourselves on being gritty, tough and hard nosed. But those things don’t mean anything without eachother.

The I/C is more than a “Brother or Sisterhood,” it’s a family. And families look out for each other.

Some losses are beyond measure, and when they happen no one knows what to do.
I found myself in that position two years ago. On November 1st, 2009 I got a call I will never, ever forget. The night before three very special people to me had just lost someone very special to them. When I received the news, I didn’t know what to do.

Timothy Brenton had been lost in the line of duty
Tim Brenton was a Seattle Police Officer
Tim was a Brother and a Father
“Lumpy” was loved by everyone who knew him

Betsy, Derek and Matty came to me with a simple request: create a Tribute Workout for Tim. Doing this was one of the greatest honors of my life. I contacted about Tim and asked if they would create a officially recognized workout in his memory as well. They answered my request and created the Hero Workout “Brenton” that appears on the Crossfit homepage for people all over the world to take part in and remember Tim.

But “Brenton” isn’t the workout the Club has comes together to do every year. We remember Tim in our own private way. We celebrated Tim’s memory this year as we have every year since his passing: with “Lumpy”

We are all stronger together than we are apart. That’s what makes Old Country so great, the positive effects we can all have on each other’s lives… and we can do it with something as simple as lifting.

But it’s not all that simple is it? We all take so much from our time on the platform or under the bar and our time with each other. To say it’s simple is a understatement, it’s the Healing Power of Strength.

Next week is a big week for Old Country. It’s the mark of our second annual “Strong is Beautiful” week. You will hear from 5 guest writers on how strength physically and mentally has effected there lives in ways you couldn’t imagine.

I truly believe when we need each other we can TRULY count each other, no matter what. That what makes OC different. I think together is where the Club and those that support it can find the the Power to Heal Through Strength.


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