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Who do you see when you look in the mirror?
If it’s anything like what I see, we’ve got some work to do.

…And we’ll do it together.
You’re stuck with me, so don’t try and push me away.

Ya know, you and me, we’re never satisfied.
We’re our own worst enemy.
You feel neither strong nor beautiful,
Because we’re always looking forward, always wanting more from ourselves.
And you’ll never let what you give be good enough.

You know those demons…
They’re whispering all the time. I know you can hear them.
They sit on your chest when you’re trying to metcon.
They gnaw at your wrists when you’re trying to rack.
They say all the right things to break your spirit.
They know all your secrets.

But I’ll be there with my hand on your back.
I’ll push you even when you don’t know which way is up.

Because you and me, we just need to keep moving.
Brick by brick, we’ll build this.
We’ll work, even when there’s no one but me to see you.

Don’t be afraid.
Because there is strength even in failure
and beauty in the struggle.

And one day you’ll start seeing yourself the way I see you.
The flame, not the moth.

You’re not alone.

If your shadow could talk, would you listen?

Strong is Beautiful

Article by: GogO
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