“I’m going Right and Your going Left…”

Last week for our Second year now we celebrated the fact that Strong is Beautiful on Old Country.

Last week we also started up the Maelstrom once again as we kicked off the 9th Edition Training Cycle. Our week 1 CC video recap highlights a number of our writers last week.

And Here We Go…

Posted by: Z

4 Responses to ““I’m going Right and Your going Left…””

  1. Genius. The outtakes are awesome!

  2. THANK YOU for putting these together Roo! I do video editing from time to time and know how much effort and how long this stuff takes.

  3. well i’m apologizing now because that wasn’t the original song i had used to make the video but at like 11 last night when i found out the one i had used didn’t work i was too tired to redo the whole thing so just threw that one on there. glad you guys like it 🙂

  4. Lots-o-snatch… Great video.

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