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Sorry, I’m watching the UW-Baylor game with the old man and the Dawgs just scored. There are three things I know 1. The UW and Baylor defenses are just god awful, 2. Up up down down left right left right B A select start gives you 30 lives in Contra, and 3. Everyone loves sports highlights. So without further ado I thought I do the sports year in review from the I/C perspective.


A lot of people in Seattle didn’t watch the NBA last year, what with the NBA aiding and abetting in the theft of the Sonics. And because of that a lot of people missed one of the best NBA seasons in recent memory. The Mavs beat the Heat in the finals but the best call for a professional basketball game comes from Spain. Fast forward to 1:20, the announcer loses his mind and voice.

In college basketball, UCONN beat “Cindrella” Butler in the finals. The UW made it to the second round of the playoffs before getting bounced but gave me one of the best birthday presents ever.


The M’s couldn’t score on my 4 year old son in a pick up game of basketball. Ryan Braun is a cheater. The Cardinals won the World Series, thats all I gotta to say about that.

IN YOUR FACE RG III! Sorry we just scored another touchdown. Where was I…


Jon Jones is really good, Anderson Silva is on another level, Frankie Edgar has a horseshoe stuck up in his ass. Diego Sanchez looked like he was in a horror movie… and still won. Clay Guida and Ben Henderson went Matrix in the ring. And Hendo and Shogun showed that years of hype sometimes is true.

Fights of the Year

1. Dan Henderson v Shogun Rua

2. Frankie Edgar v Gray Maynard II

3. Ben Henderson v. Clay Guida

3. Diego Sanchez v Martin Kappman


It was an amazing year for hockey capped off by my team, the Vancouver Canucks, winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. Oh wait, the Canucks blew the fucking Stanley Cup and riots ensued…and thats all I got to say about that.

ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN! My emotions have officilly turned off watching this football game, I’m just numb right now.


Freaking Penn State won the NCAA team championship. I sadly inform you we currently do not live in a Hawkeye nation for at least one year.


USA pulls the unbelievable comeback against Brazil, and than blows it in the Finals against JAPAN! Wow this has been a bad year.


In college football, somethings never changed. A SEC team won the BCS title (with 2 set to play for the title this year), Boise St. choked, Oregon choked, UNI fizzled in the I-AA playoffs. And Michigan State beat Wisconsin on the play of the year.

Finally, in the NFL the Packers beat the Steelers to win the Superbowl. In local news the Seahawks became the first team with a losing record to make the NFL playoffs…and than proceeded to kick the shit of the Saints as well as give the franchise a new hero, Beastmode.

FUCK! Well Baylor just beat UW 67-56, the scoreboard almost broke. Well off to bed, if I missed a highlight put in the comments. That’s it. I’m done. No more posting for this year….ah hell I can’t help myself. If you thought Spanish announcer were great at soccer and now basketball, here is football.

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