“Ready your Breakfast and Eat Hearty…”

It wasn’t to long ago on this Blog that I mentioned a special diet that my friend Skylar and I had been working on. We were looking for a bit more variance and supplementation options then what a “traditional paleo” diet had to offer.

Three of us test drove the Diet in reference before a string of competitions with a lot of success. So logically the next step was to test the diet again, our next test was on a larger “Virgin” scale.

Lucky for me I had a whole human laboratory at my disposal. I suggested this Diet to all of my in-house participant of the I/C’s 9th Edition Training Cycle. The results were better than I expected. And while I’m not ready to go totally in depth on the Diet as a whole on the blog I am ready to refine it once again.

I will be holding a “Round Table” Meeting with all participants of the 9th Edition Training Cycle Saturday at twelve(High Noon Paul) to discuss where we will be taking our Nutrition Next. This will be the time to readdress any question or share any recipes that you’ve personally had success with.

There is one thing I’d like to address at this time though. The name…

“The Spartan Diet”

I think my affinity for Spartan lifestyle and culture is well documented. But this Diets name has gotta change. I wont go in depth about how jokingly this title was placed on the Nutrition plan, but it has roots in the fact that we based part of it off the Mediterranean Diet. This was before we decided that style of eating wasn’t manly enough. Long Story…

Anyways I’m open to taking suggestions on a label for the I/C style of eating if anyone wanted to post one or please feel free to address it at this weekends meeting if you’re a local that will be in attendance.

Please also feel free to post any question you may have if you’ll be unable to attend.

Posted by: Z

10 Responses to ““Ready your Breakfast and Eat Hearty…””

  1. Game Diet or Game Eating. I hate the word diet.

  2. “Darwin Nutrition” or the “Evolution Diet” From what I’ve seen in the past few cycles of CC, nutrition is constantly evolving and changing to meet one’s current needs; hence, the honor to Mr. Evolution himself. After all, it was Darwin that said evolution meant only the fittest survive.

  3. The OC Iron Club Plate

    I like the play on words with dinner plate/ lifting plate

  4. “Iron Diet”, “Iron Eating” or during the first week the “Fuck you I’ll punch you in the face unless you give me a cookie diet”.

  5. I agree I’m not fond of the term “diet” as it often has a negative connotation and doesn’t necessarily bring to mind eating for fitness or competition. Here’s a few options:

    Iron Club Nutritional Regimen
    Iron Club Nutritional Tactics
    Iron Club Consumption Scheme
    Iron Club Sustenance Strategy

  6. Epic Meal Time… Smart

  7. High noon it is….

  8. hey Z hows it going mate?

    Im in Australia, love reading the blog, any chance you could post a bit more info on the killer nutrition ideas you had some success with?

    • Sure thing Elliot, been meaning to really sit down and pen some stuff down for the blog as far as the I/C Nutrition Plan is concerned.

      Glad you enjoy Old Country, you should send us a pic of where you train sometime boss. Good to hear from ya

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