“Shit Just got Real…”

This coming weekends signifies the beginning of the last competitive push the Club finds itself in before participating in this years coming Crossfit Open.

A in depth schedule of all Club competitions will find itself posted sometime this week. But of all our coming events now are as grand in nature as this weekends Comp.

This weekend a surly crew of marauders loads in the battlewagon with one destination in there sights, Bend.

The Club will be sending 5 competitors to this year Oregon Winter Games. They will be in a pool of TWO HUNDRED athletes competing in a event that is not only the largest NorthWest competition to date but also signifies the first event in the NorthWest associated with the Again Faster Garage Games Series.

The event is being put on by Club friend and supporter Sean Wells and Oregon Crossfit.

Pals can always call on eachother for favors. So when Sean asked for a WOD demo video for the event I happily agreed.

You could only imagine how excited I was when he told it to me.

Time For The Big Show Folks

Representing the Red, Black and Grey this coming weekend will be the following.

Sky “Doc” Pond
Ryan “Hollywood” Andrews
James “PsychoBoy” Bevan-Lee
Tim “BeastMode” Preston
and Marissa “Whiskey Roo” Luchau

As always, I will be with the Team Coaching every step of the way.

What is your profession, RedNose Nation…

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4 Responses to ““Shit Just got Real…””

  1. YES!!!!

  2. Excited to have you all come down and visit.

  3. I feel like destroying something beautiful

  4. Thanks for the video, glad to have you guys down. Very excited.

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