“Coach don’t want to hear about this”

The other day me and Z were having a conversation about the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and how much we were pumped for it. Well during this discussion we started in on a critical issue for the Filer boys, Tom Hardy’s portrayal as the main villain Bane. Bane in the comics is….well fucking huge. He uses a super steroid called Venom for crying out loud. Anyway we debated whether or not Tom Hardy was big enough to play. Z mentions that he had just watched Warrior starring Tom Hardy and said he was jacked in the movie (his traps are so big you could see them from space). Z also remembered that he saw a picture of Hardy in another movie called Bronson in which he was massive and decided it should probably work. I agreed with Z and than made the comment which birthed this post.

“Yeah he puts on a shit load of weight ’cause he pretty skinny”

Z was incredulous of this statement but I assured him that Hardy puts on a ton of muscle but that generally he ain’t a big guy all the time. Don’t believe me here’s the evidence.

So, the guy goes from what 160 (maybe) to 190-200. That’s a pretty dramatic change. How did he do it? Train, take his vitamins, and say his prayers? Anyway this lead to me and Z wondering about other actors getting huge for their roles. Remember these actors aren’t the most jacked ever, these actors Hulked up the most.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was just another Scotish actor trying to get by. He had a couple opportunities as the leading man in a couple movies but I’m going to be honest most of those movies were crap  and he was running out of chances. So when he got the lead in 300 as King Leonidas he decided to go all in and decided to get yoked out of his mind. I mean he got so big and cut up that he could be in the running for buffest characters in a movie ever. I mean look at the guy, that’s not normal. And what did he do with all the momentum? He blew it again by making a bunch of stupid rom-coms, idiot. Alas, poor Gerard is the runner up. The winner is…

Ed Norton

 Make way for the champ, folks. Again Ed Norton was not the biggest mofo ever in American History X but the man got swolled up up maybe more than anyone else. I mean have you ever seen Ed Norton? Look at Fight Club, he had his shirt off for a decent amount of time in the movie and he wasn’t even skinny ripped. He is naturall so skinny that he played Bruce Banner in the last Incredible Hulk movie. He got so big for American History X that Arnold called him up and asked if he used steroids. Ed’s response was that lifted for 3 months and ate a lot of protein? I’m not sure who he’s trying to fool with that BS, us or himself. Regardless, anyone who goes from looking like the scrawny kid getting sand kicked in his face to looking he just took the Super Hero Serum wins this contest hands down.

Now these choices are just like my opinion man, there are plenty of others out there. If you feel there is someone else who fits this criteria (male or female), post your pick or picks in comments.

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10 Responses to ““Coach don’t want to hear about this””

  1. Tom Hardy is bad ass. Can’t wait for DKR

    Okay a few to add here:

    3. Liev Schrieber as Sabertooth
    Not the cut-est guy out there, but he was told he would have to wear a muscle suit for his role. He said, oh hell no and did it up right putting on 25 pounds of extra weight.

    “So, as soon as I finished “Defiance,” I began this kind of four-month training period, weight lifting, genocide of chickens phase of my life where I just got bigger and bigger and bigger. I mean, it was awful but amazing and fun. And then when I finally got there and I got to choreograph the fights with Hugh and get on the wire and do the work, it’s not that it was just fun, I saw some footage and it’s pretty cool.”


    2. The Chicks:
    Hillary Swank for Maggie (MDB) 20# muscle
    Jessica Biel for Abigail (Blade Trinity) 10# muscle
    Jennifer Garner as Elektra
    Demi Moore as GI Jane


    1. Christian Bale for Batman
    Sure, sure CB is already a big guy, right? But remember what movie he did right before Batman? THE MACHINIST. That’s right. The movie that he dropped down to 120 pounds for. Oh yeah.

    “You’ve probably heard that Christian Bale gained 109lbs for “Batman Begins” after losing 63lbs for “The Machinist”. Bale went from 121lbs to 230lbs in only 6 months which ended up being MORE than director Christopher Nolan desired. So by the time filming began, Christian Bale had dropped to 190lbs.”

    For a scary ass pic of the swing:

    • 3. Liev did get big for Wolverine, only reason you don’t notice it as much is because he is always standing next to Hugh Jackman (more on that in a second).
      2. Hilary Swank might be the women’s champ, my props to her were already given in a prior post.
      1. That transformation was borderline unbelievable. Only reason I do not give more props is because that is not his normal weight.

    • Now for Hugh Jackman. That guy is in the top 5 in Hollywood for buffest son of a bitch. If you don’t believe please watch the Wolverine movie or better yet the tabloids where they catch him on a random beach. On top of it the guy is 6’3″! Fuck, I smell another post coming on.

      • Now, don’t get me wrong, I guess I should have given props to Huge Jackedman too along with Liev. But I didn’t, because we’ve seen him big before. And while we’re on the topic of Wolverine… how about Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? He’s big, but I guess he is big in a lot of movies too.

      • Your observation is that exact reason Hugh Jackman is not on this list, I don’t think I ever not seen a picture of him not in shape.

  2. I’ll chime in on this…don’t think anyone can top the Ed Norton transformation…when I saw this post that’s who popped into my mind first.

    Two other skinny dudes that got yoked for their roles: Will Smith in Ali and Jake Gylenhaal in Prince of Persia

    • Definite on Jake, he put on lean for that movie. While Will Smith got big in Ali, me and Z thought he may have been bigger in I, Robot.

  3. Buddha-head Steve Says:

    What’s a nice jewish girl doing here? Yup, couldn’t help myself… Jenette Goldstein, from bad ass Pt VASQUES in Aliens, to Alice the cleaning maid in Fear & Loathing…. also can’t forget DeNiro in Raging Bull, he had to be Jake LaMotta at 20, & 55 in the same film, plus do the boxing, that’s why they call it “acting”

    ( some of the best action ever filmed, trade secret, if you look at the bottom of the boxing shots… they used a flame bar to create very subtle heat waves) ….

  4. Couldn’t really tell too much because of the costume, but Chris Hemsworth was a lot smaller playing the elder Kirk in the new Star Trek than he was playing Thor. (obvious, but thought he deserved a mention)

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