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“Yo, Tommy! I Didn’t hear no Bell…”

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“One More Round”

If I had to sum up last weekends Oregon Crossfit Winter Games that’s pretty much it. Saturday Two hundred athletes ran through 5 workouts in what is the first of the Garage Games Series events in the NorthWest. After those 5 workouts 10 men and 10 women moved on to a 6th and final workout.

With a event of this proportion your gotta expect some drama, and the Iron Club definitely delivered.

I wont go to far indepth cause that would take at least a whole week of posts to cover.What I will do in the next couple posts is give you some highlights from our crew that went down to represent the Red, Black and Grey.

WOD 1 & 2

The first workout was brutality simple, Row a 2k. But thats where the simple stopped. You would have ONE Minutes to rest between finishing your 2k Row and the beginning of WOD 2. Which was a 5 Minute Unlimited Hand switch kettlebell snatch Set.

If you went to hard on the Row were you gonna have anything left for the snatch? The workouts were only a minute apart but scored separately, if you bonked the snatch cause you were tired you might take yourself out of the hunt right out the gate.

All the I/C athletes decided the rout of a conservative row followed by a free for all in the snatch as the way to go.

The Gamble would pay of with the standings for WOD 2 looking as such.


Roo 1st Place


Skylar 1st Place
Ryan 2nd Place
James 3rd Place

Thats Right the I/C took first in both men and womens with two of our boys also locking up 2nd and third.

Rowers were still out on the floor as WOD 3 was being announced.

“Each athlete will have three minutes to take 135 pounds for the men and 95 for the ladies from the ground to overhead as many times as possible.”



The girls were going to take the floor first. I told Roo she needed to focus on breathing and efficiency of movement. Touch and go quick sets short rest intervals. She needed to jerk each rep and not press out so she wouldnt waste her shoulders and that she needed over 40 reps.

Roo stuck to plan. She moved composure when she needed to and urgency when she needed at the end. She actually pr’d on her grace during those 3 minutes. The crowd roared as she continue to raise the bar over her head. But when she came off the floor she seemed less then thrilled, she wanted over 40 and had gotten 39 reps. She shook her head and said she was upset with herself.

Then it was announced, Roo had taken 1st place for a second time in WOD 3, five reps ahead of second place. Game.

I wont give you a full play by play of our boys, I’ll just keep it simple. Sky knocked out 35 reps 20 of which were power snatches(while rocking his mouth guard). And Ryan would clock in a solid 36 reps. But the big shocker in this workout was young James. James isn’t know for his technical displays, and he wasn’t going to change that last saturday. James would rattle out 36 reps of clean and pretty much press. There was about zero drive up against the bar in his pseudo pushpress, he’d just clean it and shake violently as he pressed it up. It was probably the least efficient thing I’d every seen. But James never left the bar on the ground. He attacked that bar every time he dropped it and what he lacked in proficiency he made up for in grit. It was quite the site to watch.

After the final Heat the athletes were given a slight chance to catch their breaths before WOD 4 and 5 were to be announced at the same time. And not only would they be announced at the same time but they were also going to be run at the same time like WODs 1 and 2. But that will have to wait until next post.

To be Concluded Friday in: “The Road to the Finals…”

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