“KettleBell RX…”

Well, today’s post is going to be a first for Old Country. Today I have the very distinct honor of writing a book review. I’ve spoken about the power of words here before.

“Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.” – V for Vendetta

Words are a huge part of my life. My passion for both the written and spoken word lines up surprising well with my career choice in the functional fitness industry. So, as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to write a review for a book pertaining to my field.

But what was more important was the person who asked me to write it. I believe it was almost four and a half years ago when I first met Jeff Martone. Jeff is a legend in the kettlebell industry and is the creator and coach of the Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor Course. This course was a very significant developmental moment in my growth as both a trainer and a coach. I left the two-day course with a whole new outlook on kettlebells and an instructor’s manual that I still have to this day.

In the years since I left that course, I have spent time with a handful of other internationally recognized kettlebell organizations, but the understanding of those fundamentals that Jeff originally instilled in me has not changed. What I took from that first course, and what I’ve taken from the ones of his that I’ve attended since, is what I re-instill in others. When athletes and trainers have, in turn, sought me out to be trained with kettlebells, this is where I start. The first thing I’d do when anyone seriously asked me what kettlebell certification they should attend was hand them my copy of Jeff’s instructor’s manual.

I have traveled overseas to study kettlebells at their source in Russia, taught at national-level kettlebell certifications, trained champion athletes with kettlebells and turned out Candidates for and Masters of Sport in the actual Sport of Kettlebell lifting. But with all of that, I still consider myself a student of Jeff Martone.

So you can imagine how surprised and flattered I was when I received an email from Jeff asking me to read a copy of his book and give my thoughts.

Mostly surprised really: “Jeff when have you had time to write a book?” This is the guy who is so busy that he taught a kettlebell certification one morning, then got in his car and drove directly over to the IKFF Kettlebell Sport National Championships — in time to set a new North American record in the Long Cycle.

So that bit of history aside, here is my honest review of Kettlebell RX, by Jeff Martone.

Anyone can watch movement patterns performed with a kettlebell. Anyone can swing one, and most can do something that resembles a clean or even a snatch. But the simple act of mimicking a movement will not always deliver the desired response or benefit to the body. For the athlete looking to take their training to the next level, or for the Coach or trainer who is truly looking to deliver the full advantage of kettlebells to their clientele, this book is a must. Jeff Martone takes an in-depth look at kettlebelling training, technique, and instruction, but at the same time simplifies his complex knowledge so that the reader can absorb it. You won’t find fluff or useless information filling these pages. Jeff’s attention to detail and true understanding of efficiency of movement comes out in every page.

This book should find its way onto the shelf of anyone in the functional fitness industry, and its pages should be well-worn from hours spent reviewing its contents.

A copy of Coach Jeff Martone’s Book can be purchased by clicking on the following link: Tactical Athlete

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2 Responses to ““KettleBell RX…””

  1. I’m very interested.

  2. mamafiler Says:

    Very well done, Zachary. I’m sure Coach Martone is very pleased with your review for his new book.

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