“Deep Waters…”

I’ve told myself I was gonna get better about posting some training highlights on here outside of our Loading Phase Recaps.

So for those of you that aren’t fans of Old Country Iron or the still existing Old Country Barbell Facebook pages you missed some updates of a hell of a week from the I/C Program athletes in Washington. You can click the following link to remedy this problem, Old Country Iron Fan Page

Let’s play some catch up, last week the Program was offered a number of chances to test the effectiveness of last cycle. Some of the results were video and are listed below.

Monday Jan 23rd, 2011

I personally was Green Lighted on a MAX Effort Snatch and ended up with a 10# PR.

Tuesday Jan 24th

The days posted workload included a Max Effort Pistol Squat. Program veteran Skylar Pond logged the heaviest of the day after hitting 106# on both his Right and Left legs back to back. This was Skylar’s first time ever attempting a MAX on the Pistol Squat.

Wednesday Jan 25th

Athletes were given ONLY 5 sets INCLUDING any sort of warmup to reach a heavy set of 5 Deadlifts. The I/C Oly Team would have to sit this one out while preparing for an upcoming competition, but of our participating athletes that day Seven would pull pr’s of 405×5. One would pull 445 and two would attempt over 5 plates.

Tim accomplished this lift at a bodyweight of 220 pounds. No athlete involved with the Program has pulled a Heavy Dead in over two month and our last training Phase Deadlift Cycle was further back then that. WA.RedNose

Stay posted for this Wednesday post when we release the Full Information and Registration page for the Upcoming I/C Kettlebell Total which will be held in Victoria, Canada.

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One Response to ““Deep Waters…””

  1. Impressive week last week boys! Solid work on all parts! Proud to be a part of the OCIC Crew

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