“Row damn you! Greeks are dying!”

So we have two seperate competitions this weekend that the Club is taking part in. First up in the Great White North, a number of atheletes are participating in an Olympic Weightlifting meet held by a friend of the Club. Lead into battle by the War Beard himself, Z, a bunch of our competitiors are heading up there with big numbers in mind. Wish them the best of luck because the meet is in Surrey and it would suck to have to spend time in Surrey for naught.

Secondly and more close to home is a little thing event called Ergomania. And what happens at Ergomania??? Well you row. Me and Z first learned of Ergomania many moons ago. We were looking for new challenges and than we heard the rumors of the underground erg scene. Not the glamarous depictions you see in the movies but the true gritty real world, where 500m sprints for pink slips are the norm.  Every now and than the Filers crashed their little soiree, each time making up ground. Year 1, me and Z were in first place…for the first 500m. Year 2, we upped our game, Z beat all but 3 of the Seattle U crew. Well it’s been a few years since we competed and this year we are coming for the whole enchilida in the team competition. And to bring home I devised my own A-Team, Team Tank.

That’s right Team Tank. We got Matty Brenton, Michelle Beckman, myself, and Joey Shevelson (our gazelle). Rules are simple, 4 team members row a 1k each. We have the talent to win, but we need something else, encouragement.

I rowed my 2k PR at Ergomania because I had people encouraging at me the whole time aka yelling like crazy. We need that. Crazy shit may happen that you could miss; crazy socks Beckman will wear, Joey bellowing a war cry as he salts away a Club victory, or Matty rowing so hard he breaks the erg (which would cause me to go nuts like he broke the backboard on a dunk).

Ergomania is being held at Lakeside Upper School 14050 1st Ave NE Seattle WA 98125-3009 with Team Tank scheduled in the AM around 10AM (exact time posted tomorrow). Don’t miss the show, decided to switch it up for the video.

Posted by Nickay

4 Responses to ““Row damn you! Greeks are dying!””

  1. This is Saturday, Nickay? I might bring my gang along to yell.
    The rest of you all – good luck up North!

  2. Team Tank is kicking off at 10:30 but they threw a curveball at us, all members will be rowing at the same time. That is some bush league BS. We will need encouragement more than ever (although I will make a couple rally cries during my set)

    “All day Misha!”

  3. I’m cheering for ya from up here brotha

  4. mamafiler Says:

    I know you will all do us proud. Strength and honor.

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