“That’s like your opinion man…”

Hope everyone had a fun Superbowl (I know I did as me and my nephew proved once again we are the brains of the Filer family by picking the Giants to win). And while I could write an article about the awesome game that transpired, a more important question looms; What was the best Superbowl commercial? There are plenty of choices, actually me, Z, and Roo all had different choices with different themes. Roo chose sex.

I chose murder.

Z chose…well he chose this bit of awesomeness.

Are we right or we wrong, post your opinion to comments.

Posted by Nickay

4 Responses to ““That’s like your opinion man…””

  1. Hard to beat this gem…

  2. “I would vote for Clint Eastwood for president right now”

    Z in real time watching this commercial.

  3. We’re a UAW family, so I might be biased, but – Clint this year and Eminem last year – I give it to Chrysler two years in a row.

  4. late to the response-party, but I just wanted to put up this little gem.

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