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“So what do you need? Besides a miracle….”

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Big things on the horizon for the I/C…

We are a week and a half out from the kick off of the official Crossfit Games Season starting with the world wide online Open. A large number of the Clubs Competition Team will be taking place in this years Open along with a number of those using the Program outside of our Seattle home base.

To all those that will be participating this year representing the Red, Black and Grey we’re rooting for you.

BUT…. The great thing about Old Country is we aren’t simply a Crossfit program. We arent a program that slows down because some of those involved are in season. What about those not competing in this year Games Season? What about our Raw Strength athletes? What becomes of our Hybrid Kettlebell monsters? And who will tend to the flock of Badasses that turn to the Club to produce a program that fits their needs?

Well they should feel like a kid coming up on Christmas….

What am I talking about? Squats… Lots Of SQUATS…

We are two weeks out from a fuckin milestone for the Club and anyone who has endured the pain of brute force training.

Who is Ready for Caliber Cycle in its 10th Edition

February 27th we will be pulling out all the stops. We talking about some gritty back to basic training. Well “Basic” if you have happened to reside in the former USSR. Once again as we have  in the past the Clubs going Russian. Which mean one thing… Volume Training.

Maybe you’ve survived Russian Volume Training before. Let me tell you it’s nothing like where we’re going next. Unless you get up in the morning and see this guy in the mirror. Chances are your gonna need Vodka, Milk and Pickle juice to come out the other side on this one. We are talking about the same kinda Volume Training that put Big Johnny Winters Front Squat up to 425 in six weeks. Going up Fifty pounds in 6 weeks is ridiculous.  The man almost locked out 445 that same night mind you. But we arent going out front with our squats this time, oh no. We’re looking to super charge the engine. We’re placing that bar back on our backs and digging in.

Four weeks of Squatting THREE TIMES a week folk. Follow that up with a weekly triple dose of I/C style Kettlebell training and Complexes and nobody is knocking your gloves down. (Click Here)

Shit will get real my friends. To take place in this Cycle come Febraury 27th make sure to have a current Max on the Squat AND Zercher Squat to percentage of for the four week loading phase.
Zercher Squat Huh?
Well it wouldn’t be a Solid Iron Club Cycle with out bucking the Tiger on tradition somehow right?

Mark your Calendars cause there isn’t time to play catch up on this one folks. To any of our out of State or Country Iron Club faithful feel free to email me at with questions leading up to this installment.

Who’s Ready?

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