“Breath Dog, Breath…”

Well it’s about time I sat down and got some work done on here.

This last weekend marked a special occasion. The I/C not only traveled back over the wall(how we in the P.N.Dub like to refer to going to Canada), but we traveled over in numbers. I have always enjoyed my trips to Canada and have found that we have large Club support group up there. It’s nice to be able to just get away sometimes. Coaching pretty much runs my life when I’m in the States, and even though all my trips over the border have been work related the time away never seemed to seem much like work.

Sadly with the Crossfit Open kicking off today and that train rolling right into the Clubs kettlebell season I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance to make a trip to the Great White North. 

So a few months back when the idea of running a Kettlebell Meet in the North Vancouver area was brought to me I gladly jumped at it. The idea of a meet was brought to me by an athlete named Jodi who runs a gym in the North vancouver area that I was doing some private online Coaching for. Jodi is planning on trying to rank her CMS in the coming season and felt a warm up Meet would be a great way to test out her new skills.

Aside from the fact that I love lining up competitions for my Team this Meet ment more to me then that. I’m not alone in trying to bring Kettlebell Sport more main stream. There are a whole lot of others out there trying to get more people involved. I just happen to the opportunity that some don’t. I’m not simply a kettlebeller. I love the Sport don’t get me wrong. But do I solely train kettlebells? No. Does my program solely train kettlebells? No.

No, we are a hybrid program. And we use our love of kettlebells to better ourselves in all areas. Be it Crossfit competition, weight lifting you name it we use Bells to better ourselves for it. It’s a labor of love trying to get the Crossfit community more then any other involved in Kettlebell Sport.

But our goal with this Meet was to expose local area gyms to what we loved. The Club traveled from Seattle to North vancouver. We had 8 athletes make the trip to compete. We had 3 Judges make the trip as well. All of the Clubs athletes payed a fee to compete. All of the Club judges spent the day there to support the growth of the sport.

All of the Proceed from the Event went to Jodi Boates Athletics and Crossfit North Vancouver. The Club took no money for setting up and running the event. The goal was for our two Canadian friends gyms to take the money raised and get kettlebells for their gyms. I take pride in knowing that the I/C is doing what it can as little or small as it is to support the growth of Kettlebell Sport.

What I’m also proud of is the performance put on by the Old Country athletes  that went to represent the I/C.

The first person I’ll mention may not have found herself ontop of the podium this weekend but found another level in her game. Jamie is one of my Kettlebell Girls. Don’t get yourself wrong shes still a stud Crossfitter but she has defiantly  found the tenacity in herself to excel at both Sports. Jamie made the trip with the competition Team this last November  to take place in the IKFF Nationals for Kettlebell Sport. She achieved the Rank of Candidate for Master of Sport there and has been debating how to go about seeking her next goal of Master of Sport(well maybe she hasn’t but I’ve been planning it for her). So When we decided that two of the events for the Total would be 5 minute unlimited hand switch sets I decided it was time for her to use the 53# Bell for her Jerks.

Jamie proved she was up to the task putting the bell over her head 61 times in her first Sport experience with a 24kg Bell. This wouldn’t put Jaime in first place for total points. Yes, she could have earned more with a lighter bell, but she has now been there with that bell. And I’m sure she set up what will be great run at her Master of Sport rank in the Long Cycle with the 53 when the  Kettlebell season rolls back around. I say Jamie walked away with the Swagger Award of the Meet.

With that  said lets talk about the Champions of the Day!!!

You can use the word “Dark Horse” loosely sometimes. And when you talk about the Clubs very own Michelle Beckman that loosely term applies. Chelle is a powerhouse athlete. I’ve seen her rep out squat ladders that went 2, 4, 6 and then 7 at 225 pounds. The girl can move weight. She hardly every complains, always asks “smart” questions and loves to do the prowler for some damn reason.

What Chelle also did this weekend was GO TO TOWN on the 44# kettlebell. In her first every time on the platform she performed 95 jerks in 5 minutes. She would rock the same weight in the half snatch and be like a bull in a china shop while she stomped the 5 minute Long Cycle/Farmers Walk event. She did everything she was told to do and found herself taking first place in her first outting in a Kettlebell Sport inspired event, I was very proud of her.

And to keep a run on the “Bull in a China Shop” theme you have my brother Nickay. Nickays barrel chest and coors light hat arent the usually in the Kettlebell Sport world. Nickay is also not know for being the most “technical” of lifters. Nickay is a piledriver. He is gonna get the job done one way or another. But apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks. The Nickay that showed up this last saturday was cool and calculated. Two words I never thought I’d apply to Nick if he wasn’t in a court room(thats right bitches not only is he a horse but he’s smart as fuck too) performing his day job as a lawyer.

Nickay put on a clinic, one that I was very proud to watch. He represented the Club and our methods outstandingly. He took the 70# kettlebell for a ride over his head a 105 times and went over a 100 in the half snatch with the 53 as well. He
took 1st in both events and then sealed the sweep taking the top score in the 5 minute Long Cycle/Farmers walk ladder. I’m proud of you brotha, we’re gonna tack some rankings behind your name come kettlebell season.

The event was great. Athletes from different areas and experiences came together to compete and move iron. Their friends came to support them and watch what exactly was going at a “Hybrid KettleBell Meet.” I don’t know when the wind will blow me back over the border. With the schedule I keep events like this seem to get further far and between. I do know that when I do find myself up north that there is always a place for me and the Club.

Thanks for hosting us guys, hope the new kettlebells treat you well.

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5 Responses to ““Breath Dog, Breath…””

  1. Team TANK rides again!
    Nice work everybody

  2. thanks again for everyone who helped out with this! and great job I/C crew! i was proud of all of you! inspiring to watch!!!

    can’t wait to watch you all in the next meet!

  3. jodiboates Says:

    Honored to have such tallented Athletes at my gym! Thanks for your enthusiams, good spirt and now frindship 🙂

  4. Very proud of you and your athletes, Zachary. That was a really unselfish gesture of your club to donate the event registration fees towards buying the host gym’s kettlebells – I know that you use those fees to supplement your Club’s travel and competition expenses. But, I would not have expected any less.

    Wish I could have been there to see Nickay, Michelle, Jamie, Julie, Destiny, Graham, and Jay move those bells. Such great competitors and great representatives of OIC. Strength and honor – that’s what I”m talking about!

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