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“This is the really real world”

Posted in Articles on February 23, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

With the start of 10th Caliber Cycle this Monday, I should be feeling a lot of different emotions but I am feeling one that I should not be feeling, worried.

The other day in the gym I had a premonition. It was straight out of the Dead Zone…you don’t know the Dead Zone? The Stephen King novel, they made a movie about it with Chris Walken, it was a TV show on USA for 3 years, still nothing. Anyway, the main character has a special power , whenever he touches someone or something he gets a peek into the pending future of the person or people associated with the item. Well when I touched the squat bar, I saw into it’s futue for this upcoming cycle and I was concerned of what I saw. I saw the bar burying people, I saw the bar humiliating people, the bar was able to make a throne of skulls from the fallen. And what caused their horrific future, lack of respect.

I have been seeing this lack of respect in the gym for the last couple of weeks. I know all the excuses; it’s deloading, I just need my body to heal a little more, I’ve done a couple cycles, we haven’t done heavy squats in a while. You need to take those excuses, bundle them into a ball, and throw it into the fucking ocean. This is a wake up call people.

Cycles are not easy people. They are grueling even when you take them seriously. Yesterday was a dress rehearsal boys and girls for this Cycle. I nearly burst the blood vessels in my eyes yesterday. Why? Because it was hard and guess what? That’s what this Cycle is going to be…. multiple times a week. This Cycle is based around Russian volume training and kettlebelling, the time to dial in on your form is not next week, it was this week. And if your form is not dialed in right now you better hope it you get it dialed in in real quick otherwise or you’re not going to make it. This Cycle is going to tax your body and if your shit is not in order your body is going to tell you to fuck off and shut down. Plain and simple.

It didn’t just chose the title of today’s post by picking a cool movie quote, I chose it because it applies to this conversation. Play times over boys and girls, lets get to work.