“The number of the truck that ran over your face”

I was going to write an in-depth analysis of the benefits of weighted step-up and how it should be incorporated into all workouts but the Oscars are on and as a huge movie geek I have been watching coverage for amount nine hours. Time for Plan B. Let’s celebrate a hometown kid done good, Benson Henderson the new UFC lightweight champion of the world.

Henderson hails from Federal Way and began the path to the top as a member of the Decatur Gators wrestling squad. Moving on to Dana College, he was a two time NAIA All American. Henderson transitioned to the MMA scene and has not looked back. If you want to get into watching MMA I recommend you watch a Ben Henderson fight. I do not believe it is possible for him to be a boring fight. He doesn’t get tired, he does not fear submissions (hell he puts himself in positions other fighters wouldn’t dream of because of this), and he looks to finish fights. He riles up the crowd in between rounds , whipping them into a frenzy and than feeds off it.

On Saturday, Henderson went against Filer Family enemy Frankie Edgar for the title. Ben Henderson beat the crap out of Edgar, landing more strikes significant strikes in every round but one in taking the strap. He hit with punches, thundering body kicks, chokes, he even threw a fucking enziguri kick which would have killed Edgar if he wasn’t a midget and kick missed him. Anyone who thinks that Frankie won the fight, look at his face and think how bad his face is going hurt on the flight back from Japan.

And now a humble kid from the Way with a million dollar smile is the Champion of the World, not too bad.

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One Response to ““The number of the truck that ran over your face””

  1. There are some bad mother fuckers comin out of federal way… Trust me, I know one real well

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