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“I am all that is man!”

Posted in Lifestyle on February 9, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

I think the only way to follow up on Z’s post from Wednesday is with a little reality check for the men of the Free World?

I’ve been reading the news, I’ve heard the conversation out at dinners and I’ve been watching the trash that TV and the internet throws at us (FX shows like Justified and Sons of Anarchy excluded). And you know what?
A terrible realization came upon me. Men as a species are becoming fucking soft. I don’t know how this happened and on behalf me and Z I like to apologize to our readers for letting it get this far. Enough is enough and its time for a change. But who’s gonna fix it? Your god damn right, We Are. We are gonna undo the damage, focus on getting back to the way things used to be, a time when men wore their mustaches ontop of a unlit cigar wedged in their side of there mouth while they shot whiskey. A Time when Men were Men…

Whoa whoa, I know what you are thinking another Filer rant? Fuckin’A right, Deal with it. We’ve talked about this before but the World didn’t listen. No one wants to hear the truth. Alright than so let’s rehash. What do I mean “When Men Were Men?” I’ve given up trying to nail down a particular era I am referring to. WHY? Because that would be a disgrace to the Men who were Men in their own era, and we don’t fuckin play like that here(Click Here). So lets break down important traits we should look at.

Well the cloths make the man don’t they? A man should not picks his jeans by brand or how they make them look. No he should pick his jeans on how well they allow him to deliver a Roundhouse Kick(Click Here).

You think your gonna be able to kick through the skull of a charging Rhino wearing those skinny jeans Emo boy? I didnt think so and dont tell me Chuck’s jean were too tight. See where I’m from we call that Shit Tactical. You every see him split his pants on Walker Texas Ranger? Fuck No you didn’t, I saw him single handily take down a clan of Rogue Ninjas and the Yakuza in ONE fucking hours time while escaping from a being suspended up side down in a shark tank.

Could Tom Brady’s side swept hair do that? Didnt think so. And I know for a fact that Chuck Norris wouldn’t throw a interception in the Super Bowl to a linebacker who wasn’t even in the NFL in November. Oh, too soon Giselle? Get over it because Chuck Norris can throw and catch the ball. And he’d do it in his boots and jeans probably while negotiating a hostage situation over the phone.

It’s time to harken back to a time when men Did Not take the bun off their freaking chesseburger, but the time when men would have a loaf of bread with their steak. I’m talking about eating all you can eat fried chicken and chasing it with a biscuit dragged in gravy (chocalate pudding acceptable substitute). Cooking up a dozen eggs and washing it down with coffee and chocolate milk. Moo Sho Pork and Salt and Pepper shrimp with the heads still on to suck on. That is how men used to do it, some Epic Meal Time shit.

Weather? Oh no it’s raining, I need an umbrella. Fuck that shit, it’s called a jacket. You’re cold? Grow a beard. Health? Oh no I gashed my head/knee/arm, I need to go to hospital. The hell you say! Have a paramedic friends stitch you up, or use super glue, or nothing at fucking all. Ouch I think I have a concussion and my jaw hurts? Take a shot at the bar while watching the fights.  Communications? Want to say hello,  well there are handshakes, there are “Hey fuckers”, and than there is…

That’s just the start of the Revolution. Do you think you know some men who were men? Feel free to post your current choices to comment. And if you can’t think of any then you sound like part of the problem. And if that’s the case maybe you should quit worrying about your fantasy football team and actually train like you still played football.

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“Is it True if You don’t use it, You lose it….”

Posted in Articles on February 7, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Sometimes I just gotta put on my Coaches hat, hopefully this is one of those article my Ma chooses to avoid.(Click Here)

Todays post has to do with losing “It.”

If I had a nickel for every time I had been approached by an athlete in person, through email and or text(I wised up to that unlimited text plan as soon as I became a full time coach), about losing “It,” I’d be a very rich man.

The question really does come across to me as, “Is it True if you don’t use it, you lose “It?”

Well what is “It?”
“It” can never truly be nailed down. “It” is something different for every one. And what is causing “It” or what is making “It” worse can usually be one of a thousand things.

I don’t want to get it into the number of crazy “Its” I’ve heard in my time. But I have been very lucky as a former personal trainer to my now current position as a Coach, to have had some VERY interesting clients that have always kept me on my toes.

But funny stories aren’t “It” today. Today “It” has to do with your training. Now the “Why” that is causing the “It” to suffer is going to be different to everyone. Work, personal problems and injuries are things that plague us all. It’s how you respond to these “Whys” that defines you.

Now this is where I’ll defer from some of my post. I don’t feel like sitting at my computer tonight like Doogie Howser waiting for the moment where it all makes sense. (Click Here)

No today I’m gonna let my beard doing the talking like it does when I coach training sessions. (Click Here)

“So how do you respond to the “Whys” when it affects the “Its” Z?”

I’ve had this type of question enough times now that I’ve gotten the answer pretty well figured out. Again this is one Coaches thoughts. You may not like it. If you dont then I really dont fuckin care.(I’m sure my Ma is shaking her head).

When “It” happens, whatever “It” is you have gotta look inside yourself. I reference it out as Game, that fight bred inside of you, inside everyone. You gotta hold onto that shit.

Training is my life and career. I see what it does for people. It makes them strong, strong both physically and mentally. But as soon as shit starts to go wrong there are two people. Those that stand defiant and those that let the tide move them back. I have had plenty happen. Bad breakups, work fallouts, season ending injuries this shit happens. This list isn’t special to me. Pretty much every fucking person that chooses to make their training more then a hobby has had the same shit effect them at some point.

I broke my wrist last year. I denied it, made it worst and I’m still healing from it because of those choices. I use to be a great lifter now I’m just a good one. Have I lost “It?”

If that “It” your talking about is my numbers then yeah they slid. But do I still tell gravity to fuck itself and try and move that same weight I use too? Yes. Will I become that lifter again? Yes. Have I lost what I consider “It?” No.

Get out the worlds smallest Violin cause that isn’t the only thing thats happened to me. If I check the score card in my last official breakup the girl got the dog and the damn squat rack. Did I lose my desire to train then? Fuck No. Did I train harder and find my way through shit using training as my outlet. Yes. Did that tattoo on my leg help fix things, Nope, swing and a miss.

And work? Fucking work isn’t a cake walk for anyone. My good buddy Sky let me know that one day.

Sky – “What’s wrong with So and So?”
Z – “Works stressing them out.”
Sky – “They should join the Club who’s doesn’t”

Now I’m not saying your not gonna have bad days. I’m not saying shit isn’t gonna come down on you. Everyone responds in their own way. But you gotta find your Game and bring it to the table when you train. If training makes you happy don’t let the bullshit outside of it ruin it. Because if you do then what are you left with?

If you think your story might be different and make your reason different maybe your right. I might not know you. You might be reading this anywhere in the world and have your own set of problems. What I do know is how I want to approach life.

I want to look at it though eyes like Campbell.
If you havent seen a little movie called BraveHeart I guess you hate freedom and live under a rock. If you fit that despriction then…
1. This might be a spoiler alert
2. I don’t know why your wasting your time on this site
3. Slap yourself

So who’s Campbell?
He just the raging Scotsmen that got shot with an arrow and kept fighting only to later have his hand cut off and keep fighting. Last I check thats Game.
Hand? Who needs a fucking hand? Just strap a shield to my stump and give me a mace.

Did he lose “It?” Well yeah he lost his hand. Did that effect who he was before, yeah I’m sure it made life a bit more difficult.
Did he stop fighting?
Did he give up?
No he kept doing exactly what he was doing, Kicking ass without saying sorry.

Sometimes things are gonna weigh you down. Some of those things are out of your control. But it doesn’t mean you have to surrender shit to what ever the “Why” is. No matter what the weight is it’s not enough to pin you down. I never plan on being that lion that loses the fight in it’s eyes at the zoo. I’m gonna keep training through it all, I’m going to be that lion that paces against the cage constantly. Because I know it can’t truly keep me locked away.

If you don’t use it will you get rusty? Yeah. But you don’t lose Heart, if you do you never really had it to start.

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“That’s like your opinion man…”

Posted in Articles on February 5, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Hope everyone had a fun Superbowl (I know I did as me and my nephew proved once again we are the brains of the Filer family by picking the Giants to win). And while I could write an article about the awesome game that transpired, a more important question looms; What was the best Superbowl commercial? There are plenty of choices, actually me, Z, and Roo all had different choices with different themes. Roo chose sex.

I chose murder.

Z chose…well he chose this bit of awesomeness.

Are we right or we wrong, post your opinion to comments.

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“Row damn you! Greeks are dying!”

Posted in Competition on February 2, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

So we have two seperate competitions this weekend that the Club is taking part in. First up in the Great White North, a number of atheletes are participating in an Olympic Weightlifting meet held by a friend of the Club. Lead into battle by the War Beard himself, Z, a bunch of our competitiors are heading up there with big numbers in mind. Wish them the best of luck because the meet is in Surrey and it would suck to have to spend time in Surrey for naught.

Secondly and more close to home is a little thing event called Ergomania. And what happens at Ergomania??? Well you row. Me and Z first learned of Ergomania many moons ago. We were looking for new challenges and than we heard the rumors of the underground erg scene. Not the glamarous depictions you see in the movies but the true gritty real world, where 500m sprints for pink slips are the norm.  Every now and than the Filers crashed their little soiree, each time making up ground. Year 1, me and Z were in first place…for the first 500m. Year 2, we upped our game, Z beat all but 3 of the Seattle U crew. Well it’s been a few years since we competed and this year we are coming for the whole enchilida in the team competition. And to bring home I devised my own A-Team, Team Tank.

That’s right Team Tank. We got Matty Brenton, Michelle Beckman, myself, and Joey Shevelson (our gazelle). Rules are simple, 4 team members row a 1k each. We have the talent to win, but we need something else, encouragement.

I rowed my 2k PR at Ergomania because I had people encouraging at me the whole time aka yelling like crazy. We need that. Crazy shit may happen that you could miss; crazy socks Beckman will wear, Joey bellowing a war cry as he salts away a Club victory, or Matty rowing so hard he breaks the erg (which would cause me to go nuts like he broke the backboard on a dunk).

Ergomania is being held at Lakeside Upper School 14050 1st Ave NE Seattle WA 98125-3009 with Team Tank scheduled in the AM around 10AM (exact time posted tomorrow). Don’t miss the show, decided to switch it up for the video.

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