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“Pay no Attention to The Man Behind the Curtain…”

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Today’s post is going to scratch the surface of something I don’t really broadcast on this site. But seeing I received a very interesting email the other day, I’m feeling a bit inspired.

Ah the prepost foreplay, one of my favorite parts of writing.

Anyways, anyone familiar with this site realizes this blog is an extension of the I/C Training Log. The Training Log in a culmination of years of work. The Iron Club Training Methods are right there for anyone to use. The program even has Interchangeable Options to make certain workouts more sports specific to your desired goals.

But SOMETIMES even the interchangeable options and the constantly fluxing Chaos that is the Caliber Cycle program isn’t enough for people. They want to train the way the Iron Club does but still feel they need more. Some will take what is listed and change it up. They’ll add this or that to it in a quest to get the “Desired Effect”. This abomination usually leads to overtraining or it ends in a simple muddled mess of someone else trying to understand what’s going on in my head (good luck with that). Either way it’s not good.

Then there are the smart ones with a big pair on them. What do they do? They simply Email me…
Weird, Email the guy who writes the program with question.

I think people are surprised when they get a same day response from me for the most part. Programming, Diet, Life Problems(yeah I received more then a couple of those), it doesnt matter I’ll respond. A number of these email sessions have ended with my services being requested in designing an individual program with certain goals in mind.

So this lead to me doing online private training. The way this works is simple, I set up a Private Training Log that only myself and the individual I’m programming for can view. I post workouts to their Log and will sometimes ask them to submit videos of Training sessions for me to view. Someone asked me about doing Skype or something like that but it just seemed a little too dirty (Joking, well kinda). Somewhere along the lines this secret got out in some circles and I’ve received more requests for online training as of late.

Like this, “I was wondering if you could help me devise a Training Program based on the Original 5 lift Olympic Total.”
What a rad question. I started researching right away and came to find out the 1924 Olympic Games was a 5 lift event. Can anyone else say ONE ARM SNATCH, so sick…

I will have a post covering my delving into this subject at a later time. Today is more about me starting to Openly offer Online Training. Fees are not set for this because each program may be structured differently. So to make this easier for anyone interested, please fell free to contact me at about beginning a Online Training Log based on I/C principles written by me. No questions or program is too odd, I’m always looking for a challenge.

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