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“No Pain…”

Posted in Competition on March 11, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

One of my favorite scenes from the Rocky Saga took place while Rock was training for his fight with Ivan Drago in Russia. 

In the scene Duke, Apollo’s former trainer, stands by Rock as he’s training in a frozen barn on a desolate farm. Rocky was in Russia to avenge the loss of his friend Apollo Creed. The incident in which Apollo was lost was a “exhibition match” with Drago the Soviet Superman. It would be the last fight of Apollos career or life, it would go on to be know as “Death from Above.” 

Rocky traveled to Russia for a showdown with Ivan on Christmas because of that match, but first he had to train…

Anyone who considers themselves a real Coach knows what scene I’m talking about. It’s the one where Duke keeps saying, “No pain… No Pain…”

The Crossfit Open WOD 12.3 was a grinder. The Game plan was set now all that was needed was the mental aptitude to apply it. And the Club was ready to answer the bell.


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