“Well, I guess I just followed the crowd at chow time sir….”

This request and question just keeps coming in: How Does The I/C Eat?

Well I hinted at a diet we were wrapping up a few months back on this blog. I didn’t realize that I had created such a cliff hanger when I didn’t follow that post up. Well, that series of posts isn’t ready. I’m tired. I’ve been working 7 days a week for too many week now. But with 2 more workout left in this year Crossfit Games online Open Competition, I’ll just keep plugging away. Sleeps for the weak. That being said I won’t be writing out the I/C Nutrition plan series just yet, you guys will have to wait a bit longer.

What I will do is give everyone a taste of what it  is we do. Without much of a breakdown, here is a link to a powerpoint a friend put together after one of my lectures. It doesn’t go in depth on the Elimination Phase or Food Supplementing Phase but it does give an overview of the way we eat.  The other things will all get  covered in my write up when I finally get to it. We pretty much reference to this Diet as “Eat and March.” Just a little shout out to the Spartans.

Click Here for something that doesn’t taste as good as Wings and Beers: I/C Sports Performance Nutrition Plan

I know there a lot of people in my industry that will turn their nose up at this way of eating. But I’m tired. So if they wanna argue they can Eat a….Sorry. Sleep Dep started talking there, my bad, focus. If people don’t like it, dont read it, dont try it and quit wondering why the Club does as well as it does at the things we do.

Always Marching to the Beat of our Own Drum. GFY

Power Point by: Gym (Thanks big guy)
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