“All work and No Play, Makes…”

One more Week is left in this years Crossfit Open. Current standings have 5 Club members ranked in the Top 30 individually in the NorthWest Region. The Club is also ranked 7th as a team in the Northwest and thus will be sending another 6 marauders to Regionals, there is gonna to be a lot of Red and Black on the big stage this May in Puyallup.

I’m a very proud Coach. I’m also a very busy Coach. I have the I/C’s main program to tend to which is wrapping up its fourth week of the 10th Edition Cycle, I have my duties as a Coach/friend/therapist/asshole/Task Master for all the competing RedNoses, then theres the private logs, the new dog I adopted, and then I still have my job running a gym.

What do I do to relax when I have time? Chamber music and a book? Na, I watch old lifting videos…

Those Russian sure know how to suffer, Back to work…

Posted by: Z

2 Responses to ““All work and No Play, Makes…””

  1. 160 jerks @ 32kgs…
    Excuse for a second….
    Sorry, just threw up into my trash can.

    • Mishan beat Desinov at that meet, I totally would hang out in that ratty gymnasium all day to watch that shit

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