“They’re Here…”

“It’s not the size of the Dog in the Fight. It’s the size of the Fight in the Dog…” – Mark Twain

Dig Deep enough in yourself and you’ll find it. It’s the Fight vs. Flight feeling, it’s a belly full of gravel, it’s the Game that every fighting spirit has.

Somewhere along the lines with the Club, the term “Game” got replaced with “RedNose.” RedNose sums up the grit and tenacity that goes with training, RedNose is challenging your body with an unrelenting purpose.

But more than anything, RedNose is doing it all with unmatched intensity and SWAGGER. You may have the Intensity, but it’s time to gear up that Swagger.

The I/C Store just got hit with TWO new releases. The much anticipated Limited Edition I/C RedNose Hoody is now available for order along with our first Club Hats.

The RedNose Hoody is available for limited order so get them while they last.


We will be taking orders as soon as this post goes up and closing the order process at 9pm Friday or when we run out of stock on the RedNose Edition.

Hoodys and Hats can both be ordered through the I/C Store. CLICK HERE TO GO TO I/C STORE PAGE.

Get em while they Last…

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