“I am a BAD man”

The early plan for today’s post was something comedy based but when you see that linebacker sneaking up to the line you have to change the play at the line of scrimmage. Well, today the linebacker creeping up hails from Tenn. by way of Southie Boston. What words describe Z’s kettlebell coach Jeff Martone?

Martone walked into a Long Island New York gym a bad man with his CMS in Long Cycle and the North American record in the 24kg Long Cycle. He walked out of the gym 62 clean and jerks later an even badder man as a Master of Sport.

Congrats to the Coach of my Coach, my grandcoach really.

Posted by Nickay

2 Responses to ““I am a BAD man””

  1. Congratulations Coach Martone! Awesome and impressive to say the least!

  2. Animal!

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