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Believe it or not beside a love affair with graphic novels and moving really heavy shit, the Filers have another passion.

What may you ask? It’s quiet simple Really…

Professional Wrestling.

Now what does profession wrestling have to do with todays post? Well over a week ago the Crossfit Open came to a close. During that 5 week competition part of the the Clubs Comp Team was competing. Well while that was going on the REST of the Club was putting in work. Fours weeks of more squats then the human body should be able to handle.

Now what does this have to do with professional wrestling?

Well it’s pretty simple. Pay Per Views. That’s right those glorious events I use to spend my Sundays watching sometimes attending. Dont lie most of you have watched them, and they all had epic titles.

WrestleMania, Brawl For It All, Spring Stampede and The Royal Rumble…

One thing wrestling taught me is all great events need Hype and a Title. So while the dust has settled on the Open it’s time for the rest of the Club to have its time to shine and how will they do that?

You like that Sexy Shit?

This Holy Saturday… Easter Weekend… The Club will host an in gym Squat off for the ages. Everythings on the line. Who’s the Baddest? Who’s the Meanest? Who’s the Prettiest? It all comes down to one lift.

This weekends I/C Easter Bash will be a Four Attempt Squat Max. Lets find out which quads can truly Squat the House.

The I/C Easter Bash kicks off at 11am, Singlets or spandex strongly advised.

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