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“Chapter Four…”

Posted in Lifestyle on April 5, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

From time to time I like to take a step back and look at things. I’m a Coach by trade you see and being able to exam the bigger picture is important.

I know it sounds glamourous and you know for some people it is. Big money, contracts, blah, blah, blah. You know some people get into Coaching with the goal of making money. Thats kinda funny to me. I’ve never really had the goal of “making money.”

Again some people would view this as stupid. A lot would even call it reckless. But there are the people that seek careers in life with the knowledge that they wont have nice things. They won’t go on vacations, be members of ritzy clubs and good forbid thinking of fancy clothes(I’m pretty happy with hoodys and shorts personally).

Now this isn’t some write up where I’m trying to spout off some working class hero stuff or anything like that. Because I wouldnt call my job blue collar and I’m not preaching. I’ve worked blue collar I know what that is. I don’t walk around like many people I know in other professions and claim that my job falls into a category it doesn’t. I work more hours then I can count and I’m proud of that. I’m proud of what I do and know it makes a difference in its own small way to people.

What this article is about is the Quest.
What does that even mean Zach?
Well I’ll tell ya.

Like I said at the start of this article some people do things for the money. Theres nothing wrong with that. That makes some people happy. I was lucky enough to have parents that provided for me growing up. Maybe my youth was enough for me where I don’t feel I need those things per say anymore.

I’m happy now making enough to keep a roof over my head even if my floor is the roof over someone else’s head. During winter I know that a space heater is gonna keep me and the dogs warm and the bills down and thats fine by me. I rarely buy new clothes and just keep recycling through the countless tshirts that adorn the one bookshelf that I use as a dresser.

A lot of people would not like to live the way I do. But it works for me, why? Because I do get to pursue my Quest. The Journey I somehow found myself on is to become a great Coach. I dont really care how great an athlete I am. I got over that awhile ago. My journey is to become the greatest Coach I can.

Honestly I had no intention of writing this article today. In fact as I write it I don’t even know if I’ll publish it. But I started OC as somewhere I had a voice. Somewhere along the line it became organic. The old Barbell Club became Old Country and that became the Iron Club and before I know it I have people reading this blog in the United Kingdom and Australia.

But my goal is still the same. I personally am on a Journey. I want to seek out the best and become the best. I’ve been blessed in my time to find some of the best. I have a Coach that taught me something years ago that he now trusts me to teach others. I never would have thought I’d be a teacher in this way. But thats what my job is, I teach others. Thats the path I’ve set myself on. I have even traveled to Russia to better myself, my parents thought I was FUCKING crazy when I did that. They thought I was crazy when I walked away from my original career path too, but my journey was ment for something else.

My Quest is to be a Coach, one of the best. Come this May and even this saturday many associated with the Club will get to meet goals that they have established for themselves. Maybe your journey is simple. Win this Meet, achieve this Rank, top ten in this, top three in that.

No ones goals or Quests are too small or stupid. Why? because they are important to them. And in the end thats all that really matters. Material things come and go, they don’t make who you are. The promises you make yourself are what matter.

I set myself down a road that I will follow. Hills and valleys aside its my road to travel. Where it will take me in life I can’t really say but I know the end goal. I just hope my next stop will be as unexpected as the others, and if I find myself in a place like this that it’s Steve making the Sushi.

If this article chapped your ass anyway, good. You should probably lighten up and go read something else. But if it helped at all then like they say in Eternia…
Good Journey

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