“You Play BaseBall Like a Girl!!!”

And I bet some of you boys are gonna wish you could kettle like one too after this article. Todays post is pretty short and sweet, but with the up coming Crossfit NorthWest Regionals and the beginning of Kettlebell season approaching I figured I’d keep everyone up to date on how things went down in the Western Zone of the Russian Kettlebell Sport Championships.

Allow me to introduce Alexandra Tsipluhina, new Womens Record holder for the 24KG Snatch in the Russian 68kg Weight Class.

I met Alexandra while I was in Russia she was one of the interpreters for the Training Camp I was attending. Little did I know what a badass she was. It wasn’t until I was back home in the States and was shown a video of her doing a set that I found out. The girl has some real grit.

Besides grit she has a very unique style. I know 10 minute snatch videos arent the funniest to watch but if you watch the first couple minutes and then go to the end of her set as well watch how her feet and legs move. Also her kettlebell toss at the end of her sets pretty sick. In the States we call dismissing the bell like that swagger.

The end result of her set is a amazing 142 snatches in 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Alexandra  is the student of legendary Coach Rudnev Sergey and does her Coach very proud in this set.

One other quick story about when I met Alexandra. The group was riding back from the gym on the bus one day. And if you’ve ever been in a moving vehicle in Russia its a bit all over the place. Anyways as we all held to rails and old leather handles from the ceiling, there was Alexandra free standing in the aisle. She wasnt simply standing there either. She was in a skirt suit and high heals. Imagine the seen of all this chaos going on and her standing perfectly still. Someone in the group asked her how it was she didnt need to use the rails while wearing her heals.

Her response was simple.
“My father taught me to brace against the air…”

Those Russian are on another level.

Posted by: Z

7 Responses to ““You Play BaseBall Like a Girl!!!””

  1. Badass, indeed.

  2. fitfashionfab Says:

    Ok Zach – that’s my new goal. That’s what my spine needs right there. 😉

  3. That was awesome! (Also, I guess I’ve turned into a real KB geek, because I watched the whole thing.)

  4. Wow- that is inspiring. I am amazed at the difference in her form when she changes hands- she has a completely different technique: left hand drops very close to her body and has very little back swing, right hand casts bell further out on the way down, with a much more pronounced swing.

  5. Okay, just used my lunch break to watch the entire thing. Totally badass.

    Just adds insult to injury that I’m working all fucking weekend and can’t compete in May.

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