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“If you can Dodge a Wrench, you can Dodge a Ball…”

Posted in Competition on April 17, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Alright folks as mentioned in Mondays post we got a couple of things coming up on the docket.

First is the kickoff to our Kettlebell Season with an IKFF Meet in Tacoma Washington. The Meet is scheduled for  Saturday May 19th and all the details and registration info can be found HERE. A number of the I/C’s experienced kettlebellers will be unable to attend the Meet, which leaves room for all the new Young Bucks (yes you can be in your 40’s and be a young buck to a sport) to make their first appearance on the platform and shine.

Now I know some of you are unsure about the Meet. For those of you with that doubt, I have a question.

Why the Fuck do all this Training if you weren’t gonna put it to use? 

Trust me when I say there are easier programs then ours that can get you in “shape.” But you don’t want to just be in “shape” do you? You want to prove something to yourself, challenge yourself, show yourself that you’re not the desk job you have or whatever else you do 9 to 5 that pays the bills.

Climb mountains, run marathons, do a powerlifting meet, just fucking COMPETE some how. But wait! Here’s is a perfect opportunity and you don’t even have to travel very far.

There is always gonna be reasons not to do things. I myself just recently had this battle believe it or not. Let me take you down memory lane really quick in what in some of the more “recent” sport related set backs I personally have had.

2010 – Washington Crossfit Sectionals

I had my ticket punched for Regionals. I had already finished 4 workouts that weekend and all I had to do was FINISH the last workout and I was going to advance. In my second round of a muscleup workout, it happened again like it had happened in the past, my shoulder subluxed (popped out but dont worry it went right back in). It was an old injury that decided to kick me in the nuts at the worst time. Like I always do, I decided to grind out the remaining time and complete as much work as I could.

The result, I finished the workout so far at the back of the pack that it bumped my placing right outside the bubble and made me an alternate, shitty luck.

2011 Crossfit Season

This season would start with a Crossfit online qualifier known as the Open. In the second week of competition while strength training, a bad dump on a clean would break my wrist. I didnt accept this. I told myself it was just sprained, I soldiered on. After four more weeks of competing with the injury I’d find myself sitting in 64 place in the online Region, four spots outside qualifying.

But I solidered on. I trained for the Regional to again compete with a Team like I had the year before. I finished two days of competition before my wrist finally gave up. My body stopped listening and no matter how much I grinded the bones together I could not complete my task on the third day. Trust me I grinded that broken bone for 20 minutes and left all the skin on my wrists on the floor. Thats what I do, I grind. I dont give up.

2012 Crossfit Season

I take the I/C, it’s training and the way we approached the years Open in a complete different direction. I worked 7 days a week more hours then I could cant. The task seemed endless at sometimes but by the end it all payed off. We had 5 individual athletes in the top 30 qualified for the Regionals including myself, we would also be sending a Team to represent the Club.

That Saturday I took a huge sigh of relief and tried not to think about competing the rest of the weekend. Then it happened.

I woke up the following Monday with the worst flu I’d had in years. It took me out hard, it took out a lot of people I knew hard. But being short handed at the gym I had to continue to work. I took what was pretty much just the flu and made it worse. I ran myself into the ground while I was already 6 feet under. The result was pneumonia.

Three weeks, I’ve been down 3 weeks. And to tell you the truth it start to beat me down mentally. I have ground on broken bones and torn muscles, I’ve played through injuries in sports that would make some people sick to their stomaches. But the simple act of not being able to breath or train took me down hard.


I have never turned my back on a challenge. I have always carried myself with swagger and a desire to prove people wrong. But this was different. I didnt know how or when I would recover. Then this past weekend, I wrestled with a heavy choice. Should I just join our team?  I was already worried with having to juggle coaching 4 individual athlete as well our team while trying to compete myself. This lack of prep for an event I’d waited a year for was running down my disease ridden brain.

Yesterday I had to make the choice. Last call, who is on the Team? I didnt feel any better. Sleep still left me feeling more fatigued and I was still unable to take a full breath. Was I really ready to accept another challenge where the pain might not produce a result? Life will always find a way to kick you in the nuts, it’s up to you if your gonna let the excuses that it gives you dictate your life.

Funny thing is something I thought about to help me make my choice.

Nothing is killing me. I have been here before. I have wrestled on a torn knee, I have pulled myself up with a shoulder hanging by a thread in the socket and I’ve thrown weight over my head with broken bones.

I’m a Filer and if there is one thing we excel at it’s being fucking miserable. I don’t care what the outcome is I’m walking on that floor in May as an individual to represent myself and the Club and I’m proud of it.

Now ask yourself, whats killing you?











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