“What Mitch is trying to say is, Love is Blind…”

This post is gonna be straight to the point and Old School. Back when we first got started we’d do little writeups when we’d let people into the I/C. This was before we grew to the size we are now. Different states some folks in different countries, now we’re all over. 

But the main nucleus is still the same. Those that are in deep with the Club are recognizable. Their names pop up on the boards all the time and they rep the Club where ever they go.

One such name that is always around talking shit is PaulisDrunk. Paul is not only Club, he’s one of my best friends. We came up in the Fire academy together and we were part of a live in Fire Department program together. When our careers went separate ways we stayed close friends. Friends like that are hard to find, Friends like that are the kind you’d break your back for.

And in this case friends like that are the kind you let get married. Now usually this is something I’d try and talk one of my friends out of but this is a little different. Pauls marrying way above his pay grade and class, and ontop of all that Leigh a really great girl.

So today I’m not only attending the wedding but i’m part of it. And to tell you the truth I couldnt be happier for them.

Paul and Leigh, congrats you guys really are lucky to have found each other, Time to celebrate.

(I personally picked this song for when the get announced as Mister and Misses Leigh Shaw, no bullshit)

Posted by: Z

7 Responses to ““What Mitch is trying to say is, Love is Blind…””

  1. paulisdrunk Says:

    “Better man” Thanks buddy

  2. Congrats Paul and Leigh!!

  3. All the best, Paul and Leigh! Paul, you are off to a great start by marrying “up”. Now, just remember that she’s always right. Even if she’s not, she is.


  4. With Barry White starting you off, you can’t go wrong. Congrats, Paul and Leigh!

  5. Great choice of song, indeed. Congrats Paul and Leigh!! And it’s not a wedding if “Shout” isn’t played…just sayin! 🙂

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