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“You can’t fix stupid”

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I got an interesting text from Z on Saturday. You see Z was at our good buddy Paul’s wedding on Friday night and while he was there decided to have a whiskey and coke. And that whiskey and coke lead to another.. and another… and well you get the idea. So on Saturday Z decided he would switch up his training a little bit and try a swimming crossfit workout. I am not good with words I will let Z’s text assorted texts tell you all you need to know.

“I almost died doing a swim WOD”

“I might puke in my mouth again”

“Don’t u judge me it was a long pool”

As I chuckle over how this must have looked, it got me to thinking of other stupid exercises the Filer boys had engaged in. Now before I get us any hate mail, these are things I do not find to be “stupid” hard but workouts we have found by experience are just stupid. If you like them, wells thats like your opinion man.

Virtual shoveling

This is a real crossift exercise, an early one (they were trying a lot of new things). Here is a video explaining how to do it.

Alright, there is our several factors in why I feel this is a stupid exercise. Maybe I am biased because of my experiences, I grew up near a beach and was shoveling my whole childhood, I helped fill sandbags as a teen in Iowa during the bad floods in the 90s, I know how shoveling feels, this aint it. Also the workout is just screwy and I felt like I was going to get hurt doing it. Maybe I will try it again, right after I get break my jaw again.

Hold your breath rowing

Don’t remember who came up with this one but we tried it out after class one day. Simple premise for the workout, who can row the farthest while holding your breath. I mean what could go wrong with this? I mean other than burning through all the oxygen in your body up by going a breakneck pace. People saw stars, white spots, and almost fell off the rower while going for one more pull backwards like Frank Trigg with Matt Hughes on my back.

Drinking and Olympic Lifiting

This could be titled drinking and any lifting but unfortunately I can tell you can do several different of exercises either while drinking during rest breaks or with a few before hand at good level of execution. Olympic lifting is not one of them. We all know that the olympic lifts require technique, coordination, focus, things that while drinking yeah. All I can tell you is doing 50 pushups after taking a shot because Oregon keeps scoring against your team is one thing, drinking a lot and than trying to power snatch in a basement leads to someone blowing out their shoulder. Don’t do it.

I ask you the reading public to submit any stupid workout that you have done. We have all done one, don’t be shy.

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