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“It’s for the Kids”

Posted in Articles on April 24, 2012 by fiman61

Alright, it’s time to do some good. Jaime, the mythical 3rd Filer brother, is coaching me and Z’s nephew Caden’s AAU basketball team, the Jammin’ Black Mambas. They are currently selling tickets redeemable at environmentally-friendly Brown Bear Car Wash tunnel facilities throughout the Puget Sound area.  This next bit is from Jaime directly.

“The charity tickets are $8 each and are valid at any of the Brown Bear Car Wash tunnel locations throughout the Puget Sound area. A list of Brown Bear location can be found on-line at and will also listed on the back of each ticket. A lot of the kids on the team depend on fundraising to be able to play in tournaments throughout the summer.”

It’s a good pitch, appropiate for the general public. Now it is my turn to tweak it for our readers.

1. You guys have some dirty fracking rides. I mean I didn’t know cars came in mother of pearl. Summer time is quickly coming upon us, do yourself a favor.

2. You could always buy one for your favorite coach. Of course that would require the coachs car being able to you know…move. Details.

3. There’s more to life than being really, really, really, really ridicoulsy good looking and strong. I’m not sure what they are but helping a bunch of kids out has to be one of them.

4. Matt Damon gets it.

You seriously do not want Z going Jason Bourne on you. If you want to help out, contact Jaime.

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